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Study Of Civil Servant Incentive Problems Of WL Functional Government Departments

Posted on:2016-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,our government is reforming the administrative system,actively building a service-oriented government.The county government is very important in the government system,playing a key role in building a service-oriented government.As the main executor of government work,civil servants plays an important role in the process of providing public services,especially civil servants of the department work more directly to the public,so the level and quality of service become intuitive reflect of the government service,largely affecting the public satisfaction to the government.Therefore,it is very important that civil servants of functional departments at the county have positive work attitude and behavior and itís necessary to perfect the incentive mechanism.By analyzing research at home and abroad,we found that the research is relatively less about civil servants motivation of functional departments at the county government,especially less empirical analysis.To perfect the relevant theory,we study civil servants incentive problem of functional departments at WL county government by empirical analysis.Through questionnaire investigation,combining with the current incentive mechanism,this study analyzes the present problems of incentive problem of WL county.It includes incentive idea,insufficient incentive coordination mechanism,supervision mechanism,etc.Meanwhile,this study analyzes the causes,such as the lack of the concept of "people-oriented" incentive,the defects of incentive system,the lack of supervision mechanism.To solve these problems,WL county should establish people-oriented concept of motivation,cultivate the good administrative environment,establish scientific incentive coordination mechanism,establish and improve the communication system and establish a perfect supervision system,etc.From these five aspects to improve civil servants incentive mechanism,WL county will promote the public service quality and level of ascension.
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