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The Tourism Professional Identity Investigation Of The Vocational Students In Shandong Province

Posted on:2015-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330422483793Subject:Tourism Management
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The vigorous development of tourism needs a lot of professional talents. However,the phenomenon of tourism graduates “Denial of employment” is very prominent. Oneof the main reasons affecting employment is that their professional recognition is nothigh. Medium vocational education of tourism is an essential part of education and thecultivation of qualified students is necessary to the steady development of the tourism.In reality,tourism professional school students’ comprehensive quality is not highbecause of the low admittance to the professional school students,is far away a standardof qualified tourism professionals. So it’s very necessary and going to be resolvedvexedly for tourism professional school students to enhance their professionalrecognition and then complete their profession and professional skills hardly,throughthe researching to their professional recognition. But vocational students’ professionalrecognition survey has not yet been found and so the paper chooses this subject toresearch.In this paper, through the questionnaire survey of the students’ professionalrecognition from three different vocational schools in Shandong province, taking theway of questionnaire survey and using the analysis of statistical data, we conclude thatthe degree of the students’ professional recognition is in an average level; the highergrade, the lower professional identity of tourism professional school students inShandong province, the difference is significant between grades and the professionalrecognition of Grade One is the highest; the difference among different schools is smalland the students’professional recognition is high whose school is along the coast; andthe factors such as study reasons, gender, and admissions policies,students.schoolachievement, whether being students’cadre; family economic situation and differentpractice organization affect the students’ professional recognition. Reasons for majoringin nursing speciality is the most important influencing factor of professional identity,students who enjoy nursing profession have higher professional identity than studentsmajoring nursing speciality for other reasons. Professional teachers is the mostimportant for students’ professional thoughts,so should enhance their comprehensive quality’s training. The students’ professional recognition is high whose practiceorganization is along the coast.By analyzing the influence factors, taking three ways of social, school and students,the writer puts forward improving the social status of tourism, improvingschools’teaching quality,students should know and recognize the tourism professionaladequately. And then writer puts forward some specific improvement measures andsuggestions to help students improve the professional recognition and lower the wastagerate of tourism professional.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tourism professional school students, professional recognition, investigation
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