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The Exploration On The Innovative Approaches To Moral Education In Newly Established Undergraduate Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2016-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 90s of the 20th century,the state approved the establishment of a batch of undergraduate course colleges and universities,which has become an important part of China’s colleges and universities.Their effectiveness of the moral education has a profound influence on the level of the development of higher education in our country. Through the investigation of two Newly-built College Students’ moral education and job satisfaction, and by analyzing their actual effect of moral education,especially taking Nanyang Institute of Technology "virtue cultivation program" as an example,the paper used educational science, sociology psychology, management science and the relative theory to analyze the actual effect of moral education practice, and in further discussion, the paper points out the strategies to improve the moral education actual effect in newly built undergraduate course colleges.The paper was put into 4 parts:(1) the background and significance of the subject;the domestic research achievments on the effectiveness of moral education, the ideas and methods of the papter; (2) analysis of the status and cause in the newly-built undergraduate course college by investigating the satisfaction of the moral education work from the students,(3) stating background, the implementation of the principles, contents and implementation strategy of the "virtue cultivation program" in Nanyang Institute of Technology activities of the; (4) summary the achievements of’virtue cultivation program" in Nanyang Institute of Technology and point out 5 problems existe:moral education environment of education for all has not yet fully formed; the content of moral education is not fit in to the present age; the depth and breadth is not enough of the media; has not established effective evaluation system of moral education; the ability of the instructor group was less for the actual needs.At the end of the paper, four countermeasures to improve the effectiveness of moral education was pointed out: establish a scientific concept of moral education,implementation of the "subject development moral education;optimization of moral education environment, construction of moral education -for -all environment; pay attention to the science of the process of moral education; to strengthen the ability of moral education in the construction of the instructor team.
Keywords/Search Tags:newly built undergraduate course colleges, the actual effect of moral education, "subject development" moral education
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