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The Secondary Vocational Schools Construction Of Teaching Staff Investigation In Langfang

Posted on:2017-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330485471254Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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China is in a critical period of accelerating the socialist modernization drive, it is an urgent need to train high-quality workers and skilled personnel with adequate quantity and reasonable structure. Developing secondary vocational education is very important for improving peopleís cultural knowledge and practical skills. The high quality teaching staff is an important link to ensure the continuous development of secondary vocational education. Although the secondary vocational education in our country has experienced many years of development, the construction of high quality teaching staff is always a difficult problem that puzzles the development of our country. How to build a high quality teaching staff according to the specific circumstances of the school is a task that must be paid attention to in every secondary vocational school.Hebei Province Langfang city is located in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei border area, the geographical position is superior, economic development potential, after years of development, Langfang City, secondary vocational education has been greatly improved, the secondary vocational school teachers gradually expanding at the same time, also appeared in many problems, in a certain extent, influence and restrict the development of the school. Therefore, this article through to the Langfang secondary vocational school teachers in the construction of the specific circumstances of the investigation to understand, in order to find the problems and their causes, and then put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions.This article mainly uses the literature research method and the investigation method, carries on the research and the discussion to the Langfang secondary vocational schoolís teacher troop construction. This paper mainly consists of six parts. The first part is the introduction, mainly introduces the current situation of the background and significance of this study, the main research contents, research at home and abroad and the main research methods; the second part is the theoretical basis of this study, mainly with the teaching staff in secondary occupation school construction related human capital theory, teacher professionalization theory and incentive theory; third part of the investigation of medium occupation school teachers in Langfang City, Langfang City, part of the medium occupation school is selected as the object, on the number of its faculty structure, education, gender, and teachersí professional level, teaching idea and training system were investigated; the fourth part is the analysis of the construction of teachers in Langfang city the medium occupation school problems, including teachersí teaching ideas, education theory and the deficiency of professional quality, lack of practical ability, the number of teachers, age, education structure is unreasonable, the type structure is unreasonable, the training mechanism of teachers is not perfect, the lack of funding for the construction of teaching staff and so on. In view of the existing problems and analyzes the reasons, the lack of government fiscal and regulatory policies, the education sector bias of medium occupation education, social prejudice of the medium occupation education school, unbalanced allocation of funds, management system, the training system is not perfect, the lack of teachersí occupation responsibility and self satisfaction, occupation education system science; the fifth part is to put forward countermeasures and suggestions, aiming at the construction of teachers in Langfang city medium occupation schools include:government departments, improve the understanding of medium occupation education according to the management of medium occupation schools, increase the funds investment, establish management system of secondary occupation education, the school should increase the teacher recruitment number, optimizing the staff structure, improve teachers the construction of teachers training system, incentive mechanism, medium occupation school teachers to update teaching concept, change Into the teaching method, improve the knowledge structure, etc;the sixth part is the summary of this study. This article through to the Langfang secondary vocational school teachers team construction of the actual investigation and study, hope to Langfang city secondary vocational school teachers to make a contribution to the construction of the team.
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