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The Research Of New Undergraduate Institutions' Service Quality Base On Students Satisfactory

Posted on:2016-10-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330488476318Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Ever since 1999, when China began to expand its higher education enrollment, the society began to shift their focus of attention from the quantity of talents to the quality of talents. As an important part of higher education, new undergraduate institutions cultivate a large number of young talents for the country each year. However, the current development of new undergraduate institutions has encountered a lot of difficulties and it has already become an urgent problem to be solved as how to improve the education quality of China's new undergraduate institutions. Currently in the era of industrial economy, "Product Quality" still remains to be the main point of the theory of education quality assessment. During the assessment, excessive emphasis is put on "talent products" while the process of higher educational services is neglected. Besides, most of the assessment main bodies are employers and the government, and the "voice" of students are marginalized. In fact, as the direct participants and consumers of higher education, students have the most say in the development of universities and colleges. No matter from the perspective of the development of new undergraduate universities and colleges, or from the perspective of safeguarding the interests of higher education consumers, we should take the "concept of quality of service" as the guiding ideology to change the previous "product quality" concept and make satisfactory higher education on the basis of getting know students' actual needs.Currently, the application of customer satisfaction theory is no longer uncommon in the field of higher education, and in other countries, customer satisfaction index has already become one of the major methods in the application filed of higher education evaluation as well as the major way for government institutions and universities to diagnose troubles in higher education. Although a lot of domestic scholars have published relevant research works, nearly few of them explore the quality of new undergraduate institutions' education from the perspective of students.This research is student-centered with students' satisfaction index as the tool, and questionnaires are used to investigate the satisfaction of students from four new undergraduate colleges of different categories in Hunan province. Results of data analysis show that students are generally unsatisfied with new undergraduate colleges' education quality, and students' individual background factors like age and major have significant on their satisfaction. In addition, quadrantal diagram in marketing is also used in this paper to assist the Importance —Perception Analysis (IPA), deeply explore advantages and disadvantages of new undergraduate institutions' education services and explore corresponding college priority improvement strategies by combing the actual situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:New undergraduate institutions, Education service quality, Student Satisfaction
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