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Junior "DesignˇApplications" In The Field Of Design Criticism Culture Of Literacy

Posted on:2017-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Under the background of the current and the rapid increase of the image data, the students' visual literacy is accepted in order to cultivate the core competence. As a powerful discipline to cultivate visual literacy, art education has encountered an unprecedented opportunity. In the junior high school art education, courses in each area has its own goals and values. Among them, the design and application in the field of course because of its in the cultivation of students' observing ability, problem solving ability, innovative consciousness and create ability has its unique advantages and is gradually attention, its status and the influence also continues to increase. However, because of various subjective and objective reasons, the design course of junior high school is difficult to meet the requirements of the new curriculum standard to cultivate students' sense of design and design ability. Making design courses often become other classes, it is more difficult to cultivate students' correct design concept. How to improve the content of the design course, effective classroom teaching has become the problem of art education is difficult to avoid, bypass.Therefore, the author discusses and analyzes the development and current situation of the design course in our country, and tries to cultivate the quality of design criticism in the actual teaching of art education in junior middle school. Through criticism of design teaching,curriculum design and specific implementation to enhance students' awareness of reflective design and innovation design ability, so that the students can pay attention to "social ecological" between the organic relationship, know its meaning and significance, using the ideas and advantages, in the design and practice of learning life continue to hone their own ideas, in order to achieve positive effect and improve its visual quality, the basis for the production and life in the future to build a solid.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quality of design criticism, Teaching design criticism, Design reflective consciousness, Design and innovation capability
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