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Research On The Management Strategy Of Higher Vocational Teachers’ Classroom Teaching

Posted on:2017-12-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330488977602Subject:Education management
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Classroom teaching is the focus of the work of higher vocational colleges,vocational colleges teaching management was the focus of management,strengthen the management of classroom teaching vocational education to improve teaching quality and efficiency is important.Teachers are to improve the power source and content of teaching quality and efficiency of the fundamental teaching ability of teachers to improve classroom teaching quality is an important guarantee.This paper mainly be through questionnaires and personal interviews with a vocational approach classroom teaching management understand the situation,from teaching environment,classroom management and teaching materials were analyzed on the current status of vocational education and classroom teaching management issues,problems include : teaching philosophy and teaching concept behind the goal of teaching not prominent,broad theory of teaching content,teaching space closed,monotonous teaching methods and evaluation model of teaching and other relatively solid,address these issues to improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching management strategies from Teachers establish modern educational concepts,enhance their sense of responsibility,the creation of good teaching environment,improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching management,multi-pronged,long-term mechanism to build teachers ’professional development,strengthening practice teaching to enhance students’ ability and enhance classroom teaching management Diversification improve the incentive mechanism evaluation of teaching,improve teaching quality of management,enhance the professional quality and teaching ability of teachers,so as to promote vocational teaching efficiency and quality improved significantly.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational, Classroom, teaching management, Policy Research
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