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The Construction And Research Of Accounting Computerization In Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2016-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330488979364Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Accounting computerization specialty is a traditional specialty in secondary vocational schools.With the development of economy,and even the deepening of the reform of market economy,the talents of accounting computerization specialty are more and more popular with the employers.Due to being lack of some prospects of the development of accounting computerization professional knowledge in the secondary vocational schools,we always neglected computerized accounting professional theory and practice research,so that it hindered the development of the accounting computerization specialty to a deeper level.Along with the beginning of accounting working process,which is scientific,legal and internationalized,many major reform measures already implemented and achieved significant results.Accounting computerization specialty in secondary vocational schools must combine the target of accounting talents with the social specific needs and the development of enterprises.According to the needs of the region market,we choose professional direction adjust to local conditions.Through the united cooperation between schools and enterprises,we must strengthen the construction of the team of "double teacher type",establish out-campus practice bases and realize the connection of graduates with enterprises in order to promote the construction of the accounting computerization specialty.On one hand,by means of questionnaires,interviews and other means,research of this paper reveals some existing problems,such as personnel training mode,course system,teachers’ team and the construction of practice base and so on in the accounting computerization specialty construction of secondary vocational schools;On the other hand,by means of the typical case method and comparative analysis,we make a summary and reflection of the existing problems in the computerized accounting professional construction of secondary vocational schools.This thesis puts forward the optimization strategy of the construction of the computerized accounting professional,provides some feasible ideas for us solving these problems,enriches the mechanism of practice strategy in accounting computerization specialty construction of the secondary vocational schools.Finally,taking "A secondary vocational school" for example,we start to do the research practice of this topic,form the mode of talent training of "working integrated learning",build the curriculum system of the post ability oriented,deepen teaching mode reform of combining theory with practice,construct the teachers’ team with high qualification and reasonable structure,perfect the mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation and work-integrated learning,realize the win-win result of schools and enterprises.We struggle for training more skilled talents of the accounting computerization specialty for the social development of our country.The country’s vigorously support and the development of economy have provided a broad employment market for the secondary vocational students.Accounting computerization specialty construction of secondary vocational schools needs continuous exploration in practice.We must continue to explore and summarize in order to improve education quality and achieve long-term development so that we can really make teachers and students more and more excellent.
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