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The Research On The Construction Of "Double Type" Teachers Staff Of Accounting Specialty In Secondary Vocational Schools In Yunnan Province

Posted on:2017-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The rising and falling of vocational education is affected by its development of internal condition and external environment, but the first element of the internal condition is the teacher. Throughout the development of vocational education shows that teachers are major "bottleneck" in the development of vocational education, so far, the development of the teacher is still a key factor in development of our country’s vocational education, and secondary vocational education in Yunnan Province is also true. Further to optimize the teacher’s quantity, quality and structure of the situation are the first step to promote the development of vocational education in Yunnan province.This paper has five sections.The first part is the introduction. The author describes the background of this research, innovation research and research ideas, research significance, research methods, and proposes the urgency and importance of secondary vocational schools accounting class of construction.The second part is the general situation of domestic and international "double type" teachers. Firstly, in order to strengthen our understanding of "double type" teachers, the author introduces five national vocational college teachers’ qualifications, such as Germany, Australia, the United States, Britain, and Japan. Secondly, it is domestic research on "double type" teachers. The paper shows "double type" teachers respectively from the domestic policy of "double type" teachers,different aspects of the connotation of the concept and the domestic current situation of the construction of "double type" teachers. Domestic views on connotation of the "double type" teachers are no conclusion. This article describes seven of the majority of approved claims, such as "double certificate", "double title", "double ability", "double quality", "double layer", "double integration", "dual", and "double source". According to the above views, the author has her definition about the standards and connotation of "double type" teachers. Through the relevant literature review, the author summarizes the current problem in the construction of domestic "double type" teachers. Finally, the author introduces the related theory involved by this paper, such as the teacher specialization theory, incentive theory and life-long learning theory.The third part are analyses of "double type" teachers’present situation of secondary vocational school accounting specialty in Yunnan province. According to the questionnaire investigation of the situation, the author have a research on the majoring in accounting "double type" teachers of secondary vocational schools in Yunnan province for the present situation and problems of teacher team construction, and from the perspective of teachers, school leaders, students three angle point of view analysis the current situation of accounting specialty double team construction in Yunnan province.The fourth part are the existing problems of secondary vocational school of accounting majors "double type" teachers construction in Yunnan Province. By the third part of the data analysis, there are mainly five questions in the following:"double teachers" standards are not clear, the true "double" teacher is lack; vocational school accounting specialty teachers are from a single source:teacher training is unreasonable, school-enterprise cooperation is difficult; the teacher is shortage of individual self-awareness; the government and secondary vocational school is lack of training "double teachers" of specific policies and measures.The fifth part are suggestions about secondary vocational school accounting specialty "double type" teachers construction problems in Yunnan province. This section proposes effective countermeasures for accounting specialty "double type" teachers construction from the government, enterprises, schools and teachers’ personal. States should play a leading role in developing the "double type" teacher standards and improving the "double type" teachers training policies and measures and ensuring the financial security to build "double type" teacher queue and strengthening the construction of campus training basing on accounting specialty teachers in secondary vocational schools. From the business perspective, companies should actively participate in the "double type" teachers training process to carry out cooperation in-depth between secondary vocational schools and enterprises. For secondary vocational schools, they should change their ideas and develop good quality and structure "double type" teachers staff. Firstly, they must accurately grasp the meaning of the "double type" teachers, and secondly they should improve the incentive measures for the cultivation of "double type" teachers, furthermore they should strictly control the access system of accounting specialty teachers, and focus on the "double type" teachers training by themselves, and strengthen the depth of cooperation with enterprises finally. For the accounting specialty teachers themselves, they should have the idea of lifelong learning with the times and mentality.
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