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Vocational Preschool Education Specialized Curriculum Problems And Countermeasures Of Hebei Province

Posted on:2016-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330503464496Subject:Preschool education
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With the development of the society, the increase of peopleís income, the change of peopleís conception, people think the kindergarten teachers should meet higher requirements. Higher vocational preschool education major undertake the responsibility of cultivating preschool education teachers, the curriculum is the key factor affecting the quality of personnel training. Based on potow vocational college as an example, this paper studies the present situation of higher vocational preschool education specialized curriculum, mainly adopts the literature method, questionnaire investigation, interview investigation method and text analysis. Through an empirical investigation, this study found that: case school vocational preschool education on professional training objectives, curriculum content, curriculum structure, ect exist many problems. Base on the study, we offer optimization measures for the preschool education major in higher vocational college curriculum..The article consists of five parts:The first part: introduction. Mainly includes introducing the problems, the purpose and significance of the research literature review, definition, etc.The second part: research methods and processes. Point out the content and object of research, research methods and design the whole study.The third part: the preschool education specialized curriculum in vocational colleges. Through the students from the case schools and preschool teachersí questionnaires graduated from the case schools, and interview the kindergarten, the leader of the preschool teachers, we understand and analyze the current situation of higher vocational preschool education specialized curriculum.The fourth part: the problems existing in the preschool education specialized curriculum in vocational colleges. Through the analysis of the investigation, we understand the specific problems of preschool education specialized curriculum.The fifth part: the improvement of higher vocational preschool education specialized curriculum measures. From the training goals, curriculum content, curriculum structure and curriculum implementation, we put forward optimization measures of vocational preschool education specialized curriculum.
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