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Study On The Curriculum Setting Of The Specialty Of Physical Education In Preschool Education

Posted on:2017-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330512453298Subject:Sports training
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With the further deepening of the education and teaching reform in our country, children education problem caused by the whole society is becoming more and more attention. The national long-term education reform and development plan > clearly pointed out: China’s future development, the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the key depends on talents,foundation in Education for the 2010-2020 period development goal for the popularization of preschool education. At present in China with the spread of education, growth of obese children, preschool teachers heavy wisdom light body and two child policy implementation,exacerbated by the preschool education talent demand and other issues, preschool education facing huge challenge. Therefore how to most effectively direct the Type ease the situation, is worth us thinking deeply. Preschool education professional personnel training is to solve a series of problems is one of the effective ways. This study through the analysis of children’s physical development, mental development, intelligence development, follow the law of physical education, combined with kindergarten sports courses, through the method of questionnaire survey research methods to construct with the physical characteristics of the specialized courses of preschool education, content of enriching and development of preschool physical education has important theoretical value. Also through scientific analysis,to cultivate preschool educational technology teachers provided reference for strengthen preschool education personnel training an important Application value. This paper on the basis of social demand for talent, training professional talents in Colleges and universities,physical and mental development of children and the motion sensitive period and other basic framework. Firstly, it analyses the elements of preschool education major; secondly, from quantitative analysis angle to construct ad hoc preschool education special course setting system, including the basic principles, questionnaire survey procedure, index system; finally,the construction of the physical characteristics of preschool education curriculum training program.Physical characteristics of preschool education major is specialized training of preschool education in physical education teaching professional students after graduation can be inpreschool education institutions were about preschool education of physical education teaching. Cultivating sports characteristics of preschool education major students ability of physical education not only for individual students, for the school, for the society, and even the whole country will have an impact, we must attach importance to it.
Keywords/Search Tags:early childhood physical education, preschool education major, curriculum setting
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