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Construction Of PDCA Performance Communication Model In Higher Vocational Colleges Based On Humanism Theory

Posted on:2018-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518477196Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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With the rapid development of vocational colleges,in order to more scientific construction of teachers,to better improve the level of organizational performance,performance management began into the vocational campus.So far,performance management has achieved some results in the practice of higher vocational colleges.However,due to the time of performance management in vocational colleges is not long,performance management is still in the initial stage of development,higher vocational college managers and faculty of the performance management system is not enough understanding,but also ignored the performance management The key content-performance communication,resulting in the lack of universality of performance communication in vocational colleges,seriously affecting the implementation of performance management results.Therefore,it is urgent and important to study the scientific system of performance communication in higher vocational colleges and explore the rational development path of performance communication in higher vocational colleges.On the basis of summing up relevant literatures at home and abroad,this paper elaborates the concepts of performance management,performance communication,humanism theory and PDCA theory,analyzes the reality of performance communication in higher vocational colleges and explores its nature Based on the analysis of the relationship between human theory,PDCA theory and performance communication,this paper introduces the theory of humanism and PDCA into the research of performance communication in higher vocational colleges,according to the characteristics of higher vocational colleges and their human resources To build a PDCA performance communication system under the humanistic theory of higher vocational colleges,and to explore its guarantee mechanism.This paper also uses the questionnaire method to grasp the performance communication of D College.After detailed analysis of the problems exposed by the PD,the paper puts forward the relationship between DCA and the actual situation of D College.Practical solution.At the end of this paper,this study is a comprehensive summary,and put forward the direction of further research in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational colleges, performance communication, humanism theory, PDCA theory
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