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Project Management In The Construction Of Guangxi Polytechnic Of Construction For The Application Of "Ruban Forum" Theme Class Meeting

Posted on:2018-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The theme class meeting is an effective form and important position of ideological and moral education to students.To organize and carry out theme class meeting is an important task of school.The forms of the class meeting are various,among which,the theme class meeting is an extremely educational form which is popular with teachers and students.The so-called theme class meeting means that under the guidance of a counselor,the activity of self-education self-study talent organized by the class Committee organization is an important way for counselors to educate students.Theme class meeting can give full play to the wisdom and strength of the collective,let the individual in collective activities by education,influence,and thus improve the comprehensive quality.If the organization is well,it can not underestimate the transformation of students’ ideas and the formation of good classroom discipline.In recent years,the research on project management has been very rapid,however,there is no way to study the new model of theme class meeting in the literature review process.In view of this,this paper uses the theoretical analysis and case studies to explore the theory of project management on the theme class meeting of Guangxi vocational and technical college,trying to explore the difficulties and solutions of the theme class meeting in higher vocational colleges,and to build a new model of project management.The university theme class meeting as a project to manage,the school level from the current college students’ideas,combined with the professional characteristics,the theme of class meeting,the form,specific implementation process and late acceptance.Therefore,this paper has a certain theoretical and practical significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Project process management, Guangxi Polytechnic Of Construction, "Luban pulpit" Theme class meeting
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