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Research On The Countermeasures To Improve The Quality Of Employment Of Local College Graduates

Posted on:2018-09-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330518984961Subject:Administrative Management
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In order to national development goals and improving the cultural quality of the people,since 1999,higher education every year to a certain rate of enrollment,thus,China's education mode from "elite education" to "popular education".At present,the annual number of graduates of colleges in China are more than 7 million,the number of graduates in 2016 up to 7.56 million of college graduates employment pressure is huge.The number of college enrollment continued to increase is one of the main reasons of the "difficult employment"."Science and education","national strategic talents" also shows that the development and prosperity of the higher education development of our country in recent years,the difficult employment of college graduates,the low quality of a series of problems have become increasingly prominent,and can not make the national overall satisfaction,seriously hindered the implementation of the national strategy.Therefore,further study the problem of employment of local college graduates,graduates can not only improve themselves and family happiness,but also conducive to promoting the implementation of the strategy of employment priority,more to promote higher quality employment.Based on the analysis of the current employment situation,and through the review and analysis of the existing literature on the basis of research on the present situation,combined with the existing employment situation summed up the main factors affecting the employment of graduates of local colleges and the existing problems,reasons of actual employment situation in Changsha Zhuzhou Xtangtan area explain the existing contrast research the employment difficulties,and analyzed the main components of the quality of employment,and the salary level,professional matching degree,working stability and working environment are analyzed.At the same time,based on the analysis of local university students after enrollment the actual employment situation to that of local colleges in students' employment The concept of deviation and its talent cultivation mode are aging.Moreover,for college graduates of local employment and employment psychological analysis of the degree of quality difference through the investigation on the spot investigation and questionnaire data,and from the government,local colleges and graduate students and other aspects of analysis,suggestions and countermeasures are given different improvement through the above analysis.Finally,the phenomenon of employment induction and employment quality problem,put forward to alleviate the local college graduates employment pressure,countermeasures to improve the quality of employment in local colleges: First,strengthen macro-control,improve the employment policy of college graduates.Second,innovation the talent training mode of local colleges to enhance the competitiveness of employment of students.Third,to strengthen the responsibility of local college graduates employment,clear direction of their employment.The conclusion of the study for the local college graduates employment quality problems,the overall quality is low,the form is still worrying.The study found that the employment quality of college graduates is the major graduates of local colleges on employment satisfaction and self ability of cognition and development.Therefore,enhance the quality of employment of college graduates,not only need to rely on the government,local colleges,social and other joint efforts,but also should strengthen the cultivation of graduates' employment ability.
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