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An Empirical Study On The Factors Affecting The Employment Quality Of Graduates In Newly - Built Local Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2017-01-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330485476795Subject:Applied Psychology
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The severe employment situation, the expand pressure to the employment, especially the employment of college graduates,made academic researchers has been more interested in these problems, because employment has been the widespread concern of social’s different community. In recent years, because of colleges and universities always expansion the number of the new students, to enter society more and more people every year, according to the statistics of the education sector, over the past decade, China’s new local universities has more than more than 100, although to meet the community’s demand about the talents, but the new built local Colleges has many problems. For example: educational philosophy, school orientation, the number of outstanding teachers, discipline construction, funding, management system and other aspects, so the trouble to get a job for graduates of new local universities also worthy of our in-depth research.In the theory research, we start with on the quality of employment abroad, discover the meaning of the quality of employment; Then from the Summary of related domestic, summed the problems in the new built local Colleges: characteristics of running and school location.From different research groups and different research angle, analysis the factors affecting the quality of the employment. Summed up the impact of individual factors on their quality of employment. Empirical research is divided into two parts. The first part according to actual needs, from the perspective of human capital theory, designing the questionnaire, from both schools and individuals, establish the factors to influence the new local colleges graduate’s employment quality questionnaire. Combined open questionnaire and survey research,according to the problems of the new built local colleges and the students of these schools, blueprint the initial questionnaire, afterwards quiz the reliability and validity of the questionnaire.Get the conclusion of that: factors that affect the quality of employment is multi-level and multi-dimensional. At last, we have the Principal component analysis.The research total conclusion we identified which affecting the quality of newly built local undergraduate colleges and universities graduate employment has six factors, moral psychology and educational condition, self cognition and evaluation, practice ability, preparation and professional skills. Through the project analysis, exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis, analysis of reliability and validity of the results show that the institute of questionnaire to suit the requirements of psychometrics. The structure of the questionnaire and we proposed the structure of the same.There are many benefits of the study to the new built local colleges, deepening Education Reform, clear development direction of education, promote the establishment of educational philosophy, also benefit the students of new built local colleges have reasonable self-evaluation and positioning, clarify their development goals.
Keywords/Search Tags:New built local college, Graduates quality of employment, Influence factors
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