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Research On The Path Of Social Work Embedded In Hui Community Service

Posted on:2018-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330533460918Subject:Social Work
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Under the background of comprehensively promote the social management system reform,perfecting social service system construction,social work services are the needs to solve the social problem.The localization development of social work embedded in Hui community service provides the basis for cooperation between social work and community governance in ethnic minority areas.The core of professional service concept is elitism,which provides the professional advantage of social work in the Hui community to achieve localization development.The Hui community governance of multi-dimensional demand provides the main professional practice platform for the embedded root of the two.This research adopt case study method,diffused community service stations in Ning Xia and regarded community service center as a case,the methods such as participatory observation and unstructured interview research data collection and analysis,focuses on the localization in Hui ethnic community of social work organization of the external environment,its own development status and professional services,the specific content of the three sides of the localization of social work in the Hui community service path and experiences are summarized and summed up;In this paper,the influence of the different paths of localization development in urban and rural areas is analyzed,and the reasons for the difference are explained.On the basis of full understanding,the localization path of social work embedded in Hui community service is summarized.Co-sharing,the mobilise netwok of the Hui community resources;Embedded root,social work professional services local integration.Social work should avoid cultural sensitivities in the localization of ethnic areas.On the basis of this,it is suggested that social work should be localized in ethnic areas.Social work indigenization path embedded in the Hui community,the main discussion is the study of indigenization of social work development,for the professional development of social work it has important theoretical significance and practical significance,the Hui community become social work in ethnic minority areas of social governance specific religion and a professional field,social workers can on the platform of the domain so as to realize the social work together with the Hui community governance and promote the development of Muslim society work.This study try to setting the localization of community service and positive mau community service center experience was summarized,and the emphasis on social work intervention,resource acquisition,and relationship building three related to organizational survival strategy formation of the core elements to present the status quo of indigenization of social work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social work, Hui nationality Community, Localization of social work, Method, Suggestion
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