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Anthropological Thinking In Risk Society

Posted on:2018-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330533960689Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The mutual shaping of modernization and globalization has brought the society into a risk society.The process of the vigorous advancement of modernization is a process of human exploitation by advanced science and technology with the help of industrialization and marketization.It has not only created enormous material wealth and promote the progress of human society,but also creates serious risks.That makes severe challenges for the survival and development of mankind.Globalization has changed the pattern of human existence,so that the history of mankind has changed from regional history to world history.Globalization has benefited from modernization while modernization has been carried out in the context of globalization.Globalization expands the scope of human interaction,and also makes the risk becoming more globalization.We are in the midst of a global risk society.The risk of the risk society is different from that of the industrial society and the preindustrial society.It is directly related to human practice and belongs to artificial risk.The risk society is such a human being’s survival and development landscape which full of challenges and potential opportunities.Therefore,thinking about the risk society from the perspective of anthropological,not only enrich and develop Marxist humanism theory,but also promote human’s freely,harmonious and all-round development in practice.This is a major topic of the times’ value.This paper introduces the concept of risk society from the concept of risk and the evolution of development.It shows that risk society is a new Social development form which decided by the future.The essence of risk is human risk.The risk society is the advanced stage of modernization or the product of modernization.The risk society has changed the way of human existence,and has brought human beings into an era of individuation.On the one hand,the risk in people’s survival and development pose a threat.It erodes the ontological security of people and causes the crisis of identity and confidence.On the other hand,risk provides new opportunities to create the conditions for the all-round development of people.In the face of the risk society,people cannot be avoiding the negative.They must eliminate risk through their own development.For this purpose,construct main responsibility,strengthen government,non-governmental organizations,enterprises,experts,scholars and media responsibility’s functions to achieve a modern system with the nature of the organization has become an inevitable choice of risk management.
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