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A Study On Classroom Teaching In Newly-built Application-oriented Undergraduate Colleges

Posted on:2019-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330545955975Subject:Higher Education
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At present,with the development of the popularization and diversification of higher education,under the background of the diversity of social demand for talents,the government constantly guides the conditional local ordinary universities to the application-oriented transformation,and the newly-built application-oriented universities have been booming.In the process of rapid development of Application-Oriented Undergraduate Colleges,the problem of teaching quality of colleges and universities is becoming more and more obvious.classroom teaching,as the most basic part of college personnel training,needs to be constantly adjusted and reformed in order to cultivate high-quality applied talents.The development of practice requires theoretical guidance.The theory of the pluralistic quality concept of mass higher education leads to the diversification of higher education,and different types of colleges and universities to cultivate high-quality talents of different specifications,so the newly-built application-oriented universities should strive to cultivate practical ability of applied talents,so the improvement and reform of classroom teaching should also seize the theme of practical order to better explore and solve the problems existing in the classroom teaching of Application-Oriented undergraduate colleges,we will turn to foreign perspectives.German applied university classroom teaching:teaching arrangement emphasizes the importance of practice,teaching form is rich and varied;The UK emphasizes the modular curriculum teaching and the improvement of teachers'practical ability.The United States emphasizes the importance of generic and professional skills development.The common point of the three countries in classroom teaching is that they all emphasize the importance of practical teaching and the cultivation of students' practical application ability.The investigation of classroom teaching in three newly-built applied undergraduate colleges shows that students are generally dissatisfied with all aspects of classroom teaching,and the following problems exist in classroom teaching in Application-Oriented undergraduate colleges.Practical teaching ability is seriously insufficient;Lack of interaction between teachers and students in classroom teaching;Unreasonable curriculum,general education curriculum is less;Teachers' teaching practice ability is insufficient,the source is single;As well as the student learning evaluation system is not comprehensive.Finally,through the problems found in the classroom teaching investigation,put forward the improvement measures:strengthen the practical teaching of applied undergraduate colleges;Multi-way to promote the interaction between teachers and students in the classroom;Optimize the curriculum structure,pay attention to the construction of general education curriculum;To strengthen the construction of double teachers,multi-channel introduction of talent;Improve the student learning evaluation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly-built Application-Oriented Undergraduate Colleges, Classroom teaching, Practical teaching, ideas on multiform education quality
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