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Social Change And The Transformation Of Traditional Academy(1898—1907)

Posted on:2018-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The academy,as an Chinese educational organization,combines the advantages of traditional state-run school,private school and the thought of Taoism and Buddhism,and is gradually refined into an independent educational system and a new school system.It is the unique educational organization in China,including enlightenment education and higher education,which covers various fields and types.Confronting with the official school,private school,it provided education for the ancient Chinese society so that it played the important role in the fields like the ancient Chinese education,academic,cultural publishing,books and something else.It is vital part of a modern scholar culture and education life.In 1901 when the New Deal began,the academy,whose history dated back to a thousand year,stop abruptly.Because of precious value of the Chinese education and culture,academy regretted many researchers and the“one size fits all”style of restructuring motivated their continuing.This research will be based on the “The transformation of academy”.In order to make this research more detailed and satisfied,Nanjing academy in Jiangyin is chosen as the analysis center.As the temporal provincial academy,Nanjing academy has the 135 years history,which began from 1882.Having changed from one of the four major institutions in Jiangsu Province to one of the four secondary schools nowadays,Nanjing played a pivotal role in Jiangyin and the whole of Jiangsu education field due to the unique cultural heritage and characteristics.Nanjing academy was founded eccentrically in the situation“special lesson by the ancient,to save the disadvantages”.Why later became a Nanjing higher school,and then into the Nanjing higher liberal arts school?And even developed into today's high school.Where is the fundamental power to promote the transformation of Nanjing during this period?——What specific actions did Nanjing do through the transition period ? ——What significance of the advantages and disadvantages of Nanjing transition regarding to current local undergraduate transformation.What mentioned above are the basic ideas of this study.Standing in the historical perspective,this paper combines and analyses of the Nanjing academy in the internal and external social changes in order to conform to the trend,in response to the call of the Qing Dynasty,in Qu Hong Ji,Li Dian lin several political administration of the next higher school.The transformation and development of the higher liberal arts school,through the academy curriculum,teaching organization,student selection and other specific ways to change the transformation of Nanjing transformation of the dimensions and measures.Nanjing academy as a province to learn the location of the establishment of its academy,the province's education has a demonstration of the role and significance of the imperial examination system also dominates when the change can only be in the imperial examination and traditional academic culture between the play a limited choice,otherwise it is difficult for the community and the scholar.Through the thought of “social transformation”theory,we find that the transformation of Nanjing academy is at the beginning of the reform of the Westernization Movement,and it has to take the initiative to transform it under the strong influence of the western learning.Its formation is attached to the “large”and“social transformation”goal,the implicit“education and salvation”social transformation of the task,the transformation of the most direct and fundamental driving force is the whole social and political and economic system reform needs,that social change.Engels' s theory of co-operation tells us that the interaction of various factors is the ultimate cause of social development,so the final transformation of Nanjing academy is all internal and external power orderly,organic,hierarchical composition of the complex system The process of occurrence.History is a mirror.We come from the history and develop with history to the future and it never be broken and can not break.Nanjing academy develop with the trend of the times,based on the heart,finished the final transformation because of the time and “leadership core”.However,at the time of special social changes,it also exposed a lot of problems.For example : after the transformation of the concept of Nanjing changed,its position was unclear,funding problems,insufficient teacher resources,the over-controlling by Qing government,as a result,the transformation process shows a desire of quick success.Compared with the current situation of the transformation and development of the newly established local colleges and universities,this performed similarity with each other.Based on the common regulation,academy should improve the transformation and development process through“implementation of the service-oriented government under the background of the transformation of autonomy in colleges and universities”,“increase investment and lead the implementation of the model”,“the school to change the concept of school,to clarify the school positioning,service local development”and“create‘double teachers',solid advance talent strategy ”and other measures.
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