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Research On The Education Of Nanjing Academy In The Late Qing Dynasty

Posted on:2020-05-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nanjing academy(1882-1902)was a classical academy founded by Jiangsu provincial educational commissioner(Huang Tifang)during the reign of emperor GuangXu,and its establishment was the individual embodiment of the revival trend of academies in the late Qing Dynasty.Different from the imperial academy,which was the dominant one at that time,Nanjing Academy was devoted to the restoration of Confucian classics and ancient learning and academic research.Its unique educational purpose and special birth time made the academy not only inherit the fine traditions of traditional academies,but also have obvious characteristics of the time.Its educational styles like "seeking truth from facts","open-minded and lively" and "harmony in happiness" were unique among all the academies in Jiangsu in the late Qing Dynasty,which once influenced the academic style of modern Jiangsu and even the whole country.The curricula of the college were presented in the form of diversified courses based on classics and the ancient learning,which reflected the teaching strategy of" Fine learning after Widely studying".The implementation of such education fully cultivated students' personality and develops their abilities.The activities of engraving books and periodicals followed the educational purport of the college,and had a certain influence on the education and teaching of Nanjing Academy,reflecting the educational level of itself.The education of Nanjing Academy for nearly 20 years promoted the study of classics and the ancient learning,cultivating a large number of talents for all walks of life in modern times.It also gives the inspiration that modern education should strengthen the construction of educational resources and attach importance to heuristic and encouraging education.Of course,its education also had little attention to western learning,and finally followed the trends of the time to transform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Nanjing Academy, Confucian classics?ancient learning, academy's education, educational style, talent culvation
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