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Group Work Practice Of Improving The Job Adaptability Of New Employees In Enterprises

Posted on:2019-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330566959204Subject:Social work
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The continuous development of modern society has brought about the emergence of enterprises,and new employees are strong new blood for enterprises to develop and increase vitality for enterprises.With a good ability to adapt to the job,it can help the new employees get through the change from the students to the job field,and start a good start for the future career development,and also enable the enterprise to gain higher income and achieve a winwin situation.However,not every new employee can quickly get into the new role and quickly adapt to the working environment and job of the enterprise.It needs the enterprise to help them through the difficulties.The enterprise's guidance and training are carried out in the way of the old people with new people,and the application of social workers to improve the position of the new employees is not much.It is a brave attempt to help the new employees of the enterprise to adapt to their jobs by using the group social work of one of the methods of social work,with the theory and skills of EAP.The author went to the L Internet Co in Shanghai to work in the personnel administration,to observe and investigate the new employees for one month,to find out the problems,and to design a group work plan for the group of new employees of the L,recruiting members,forming a group,carrying out a plan,and finally evaluating,On the one hand,the purpose of the feedback and summary is to carry out a practical test of the proposed group social work methods,not only to help the new employees grow up,but also to help the enterprises to gain benefit.On the other hand,an attempt is made to make the enterprise understand the value of social work and further the development of the social work of the enterprise.
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