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Research Is Accountable Officials Back Problem

Posted on:2015-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330428476792Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years, the concept of responsible government ever popular, has become a common concern of policy makers and the public administration reform a hot topic, but the government has the responsibility to establish the importance of building for political reform and democratization in China.2003SARS crisis opened The prelude of administrative accountability, and further provides an institutional guarantee for the full construction of responsible government.China’s administrative accountability formally implemented since2003, central and local government has issued a series of administrative regulations and departmental rules of accountability for the social event of a major accident and be accountable leadership cadres punished, a short time off a round of "accountability crisis", highlights the government’s determination to build responsible government officials under the measures continue to regulate administrative behavior. However, it is worth our attention and thinking that, from the look in recent years, more and more accountable government officials are quietly back in a short time, served in leadership positions again, this has aroused widespread concern, which the majority of citizens will kinds of irregularities in a fierce comeback phenomenon widely discussed and hot. I believe that this phenomenon is not only unreasonable official comeback weakened the authority of the administrative accountability, but also largely lost the credibility of the government, have adverse effects on the establishment of responsible government.So, at this stage, it is necessary to establish a scientific and complete system of continuous improvement in official comeback administrative accountability system, based on the country in order to protect the legitimate officials are accountable comeback, which is to solve the phenomenon of frequent official comeback violation hair inevitable way. Therefore, this article is comeback accountability of officials for the study, summarizing official comeback on the basis of the actual situation, analyze the many problems being accountable officials comeback, and the causes and negative effects of discussions Finally, our country has been asked to improve suggestions regime officials responsible comeback, and then actively seek to build responsible Government.
Keywords/Search Tags:accountability, Administrative accountability, officials comeback systemed path ofresponsible government, Recommend people accountable system
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