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Value Conflicts And Integration In Cooperative Governance

Posted on:2018-08-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the late 20 th century,with the development of market economy and democratic politics,society has become highly complex and highly uncertain,various social problems emerge one after another.The bureaucratic organization structure characterized by value neutrality,closed and hierarchical system has been unable to respond in time and solve all kinds of governance problems.Therefore,the value reconstruction and structural remodeling of social governance system has become the theme of global government governance reform since 1970 s.However,the democratization of public administration and the reconstruction of marketization have not really changed the color of the management model of the socialist society,the above reform still failed to realize the value integration in the process of public administration.The reason is that the government,as the most important management body of public affairs,still has the absolute right to say in the value integration of public governance.To break this situation,we must establish multi-center cooperation governance,build multivariate value around the integration of public demands,and change bureaucracy into cooperative organization.In fact,the awareness and ability of market,social organizations and individual citizens outside of government agencies further accelerate the progress of cooperative governance.With the deepening of cooperation,the value conflict between the main body of cooperative governance is more and more prominent,and the value of different subjects in different cooperation is more and more diversified.For example,the yuan subject,represented by the government,emphasizes public value,but cannot ignore efficiency and equity;The efficiency governance,represented by market organization,pays attention to economic benefits,but also needs social value The participatory governance,represented by social organizations,is committed to providing better services,but cannot afford to consider economic issues;The interests claim of the power governance subject represented by citizens is mainly social equity,but the individual rights,resources,participation and other factors also play an important role.The purpose of this paper is to explore the possible value conflict in the process of multi-agent cooperation,because different governance subjects represent the interests of different groups,interest claims must also exist differences,when the various interests of conflicts and even confrontation,conflicts of interest will be inevitable.In the collection,identification,collation of literature,consulting a large numberof related governance theory and cooperative governance literature on the basis of the study of cooperative governance,the paper has made a more detailed comb,determine the main content of the article,and on this basis to define the concept.Cooperative governance is the goal of public interest,the government guides the multi-subject cooperation of social governance.In this process,the government plays a key but not necessarily dominant role,social organization,market organization and citizens are the main body of cooperation governance,with the government institutions have equal status,jointly exercise public power and shoulder the responsibility of governance.The factors affecting the effectiveness of cooperative governance are diverse,including governance methods,governance subjects,governance objectives,institutional design,etc.,but the most important point is whether the formation of value identification,from the perspective of dialectics,valuable identity has value conflict,the complexity of value conflict is the significance of this paper.On the one hand,the value conflict is determined by the pluralism of the value subject,the value pursuit,the value goal,the attitude and the value view of the value object are different,the difference of this value will change into value conflict under certain conditions.On the other hand,even if the object of the subject,value demand and values are all the same,due to the scarcity of resources and the depth of egoism,people have endless desire and need to have value conflict and conflict of interest.The research results of this paper are reflected in how to seek value integration in value conflict.Because the root of value conflict lies in the pluralism of the main body,this paper analyzes the value conflict from the perspective of pluralism.the main body of cooperative governance can be divided into four categories: government agency,efficiency governance subject represented by market organization,participatory governance subject represented by social organization,and power governance subject represented by citizen.Secondly,the paper discusses the value demand of different subjects,discusses the value conflict and the way of coordination,and discusses the integration of value conflict in cooperation governance from the two dimensions of necessity and feasibility.Finally,the strategy of value integration in cooperative governance is explained from two aspects of theory and practice.
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