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Research On The Service Mode Of The Government Service Center Of Panlong District, Kunming

Posted on:2018-07-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330542986306Subject:Public management
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Government affairs service center is the carrier of the current government services,it is mainly for the administrative examination and approval of local government,public affairs and public resources trading platform for the innovation and management innovation.The service model of the government service center is regarded as the measure of government service,and its quality directly affects the cognition and evaluation of local government.The traditional multi-window service mode cannot meet the growing demand of people.The world’s developed countries and cities in the context of the rapid development of e-government actively explore to establish a top-level design perfect,highly integrated digital information,service idea and the political intentions perfectly e-government service mode.China also put forward the new type of government service mode in the reform of administrative system.Based on the process reengineering theory as the guidance,by means of theoretical analysis,interviews,literature research,case analysis and questionnaire survey methods,some of the government affairs service center service patterns were discussed,and combining the kunming panlong community "a window" three-level linkage service mode of the implementation of the present situation and in the streets,communities,government affairs service sub-center of the questionnaire data,the panlong "one window" advantages and disadvantages of three-level linkage service mode and the reason is analyzed,and combining with other cities at home and abroad and government affairs service center service mode of experience,put forward panlong "one window" three-level linkage service mode of the improvement measures,strive to conform to the majority of small and medium-sized cities to establish a government affairs service center development needs,the function is all ready,cover,flat,real-time,comprehensive integration of modern government affairs service mode,efforts to achieve online government services,virtual integration of(quasi)solid(body).Based on the research of this paper,this paper analyzes the new government service mode.This paper will be divided into six parts: an introduction to an overview the research background and significance of the government affairs service pattern,domestic and foreign research present situation,the article USES the research method and technical route,summarizes the research content;In the first chapter "government affairs service center and related theoretical basis of the government affairs service mode",the author from the evolution and function of the government affairs service center,the connotation and classification,and the mode of e-government service model construction theory and based on the three aspects such as the government affairs service center and service mode of related theory are studied;In the second chapter " Kunming panlong district government affairs service mode and operation results,the author in panlong district government affairs service pattern,for example,by analyzing the background of the service mode,operation situation and the existing results,puts forward the core of the full text research problem: a new type of government affairs service mode " one window " panlong three-level linkage comprehensive service mode,and its running situation,existing problems and so on is analyzed;In the third chapter" Kunming panlong district government affairs service mode existence question and the reason analysis,based on the analysis of the previous chapter,the author concluded the panlong "one window" three-level linkage four problems of the comprehensive service mode,and take the questionnaire survey,interview and so on way to analyze the reasons for its existence,find out the crux of the problem;In the fourth chapter in the government affairs service mode at home and abroad experience and draw lessons from ",the author has chosen of several representative countries and regions,both at home and abroad to study the situation of the government affairs service pattern development,summed up the experience and put forward the direction of the lessons.In the fifth chapter to further improve the countermeasures and Suggestions of kunming panlong district government affairs service mode ",the combination of panlong comprehensive service mode of "one window" three-level linkage analyses and study of domestic and foreign affairs service mode for reference,the author of panlong new e-government service mode put forward four countermeasures and Suggestions of improvement.It is hoped that the research of this paper can provide some enlightenment to the implementation of the "one form" three-level integrated service mode of kunming city panglong district.
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