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An Empirical Study On The Occupational Burnout Of Police Officers In Kunming Municipal Police Station

Posted on:2018-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2356330542986309Subject:Public management
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Compared with other professions,the police are more specific because of the more emergencies and more pressure.With the "the Belt and Road" initiative to promote,Yunnan Province as an important gateway to South Asia,Southeast Asia,Kunming,the provincial capital of the social situation is also increasingly criss-cross.Especially after the "3.01 train station violent terrorist case",maintaining social harmony and stability of extremely arduous task,and the Kunming municipal public security police station as the main force in the implementation of public security work,the working pressure has reached the degree of shoulder heavy yoke.So,Kunming city public security police station physical and mental fatigue,and gradually become a high incidence of occupational burnout groups.In this way,not only is not conducive to the development of public security work,but also affect the personal development of the police and their family members of the physical and mental health,but also affect the dignity of the police officers and the image.Therefore,it is more urgent and necessary to study the job burnout of the police station in Kunming.According to the Kunming municipal public security police station as the research object,based on the occupation burnout carefully combing the relevant literature,based on social competency model,ecological model,resource conservation theory,combined with the actual,20 police station eight County four area system in Kunming were selected by using Markov scale MBI-GS,to the police station in the grassroots the police,who carried out a total of 200 psychological measurement.Then according to the measurement results,statistical analysis was carried out on the Kunming city public security police station of gender,age and marital status,education,work experience,position and other variables,and then from five aspects of individual,organization,occupation,family and society of Kunming City Public Security sent police occupation burnout for attribution analysis.Finally,by drawing on the advanced experience of domestic and foreign primary level police occupation burnout digestion,this paper puts forward the individual hobbies,improve physical fitness;changing the cognitive style,understand the occupation burnout;regulation of individual emotion,build a harmonious relationship;find the challenges of work,enhance self-efficacy;good occupation attitude,make occupation planning five suggestions for;from the four aspects of organization,organizational culture,organizational structure,physical and mental health of police protection,puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions;for the family to take the initiative to establish a correct concept of marriage,marriage.Maintenance of normative and effective actively constructing harmonious family atmosphere three suggestions are proposed for the society;strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and legal education,establish a reasonable social expectation,create a good atmosphere for public opinion three suggestions In order to prevent and eliminate the burnout of Kunming police station,it is of constructive significance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Kunming police station police, job burnout, attribution analysis, countermeasures and suggestions
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