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Research On Construction Of New Rural Communities In Zhanjiang City,Guangdong Province

Posted on:2017-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503468982Subject:Public administration
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In the vast rural areas, farmers self dispersed community basically is a typical form of traditional rural community in China. With the rapid development of economy and society in rural areas in recent years, the traditional rural communities has been increasingly unable to meet the farmers living environment, production and living conditions of the higher requirements. The construction of new rural communities arises at the historic moment. The new rural community is different from the city community, and significantly different from the traditional rural community. New rural community has a better public infrastructure, relatively complete public service, a beautiful living environment, better social management system, high public affairs farmers to participate in degree, higher standards of living and other notable features. Construction of new rural communities, to meet the growing living environment of farmers, the pursuit of production and life, to promote the integration process of urban and rural areas, has become the current choice of the government at all levels in China.This study choose Guang dong Province Zhan jiang Chikan District People’s village as the specific research object, the analysis of present situation of Guangdong Province Zhan jiang City Chikan District People’s village, new type community construction, problems and the causes of the problems, to put forward promoting the countermeasures and suggestions for the construction of new rural communities. In addition to the introduction, this paper also includes four chapters:The second chapter defines the core concept, study the characteristics of the new rural community, and expounds the theoretical basis of this paper. The third chapter analyzes the current situation of the new rural community construction in Chikan District, Zhan jiang City, Guang dong province. The first results objectively describes the new rural community construction measures and construction of the village people, and then analyze existing problems in the process of building, found the capital and land and human resources are not fully utilized, farmers take the initiative to participate in the initiative and is far from enough, community planning lag caused waste of resource consumption and community function limits; finally the reasons behind the problem from the government, the community, villagers and other aspects; the fourth chapter studies the foreign rural community construction experience and Enlightenment; the fifth chapter puts forward the countermeasures to promote rural community construction suggestions, including improving understanding, strengthening the construction of the new rural community construction of new rural community planning, increase investment, the construction of new rural communities to strengthen the new rural community construction of demonstration sites to improve villagers subject in community construction, promote the new rural Community management system optimization, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:New rural community, Community construction, Integration of urban and rural, Baixing village
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