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Tibet Supports The Study Of The Public Service System For The Development Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises

Posted on:2019-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Today,with the rapid economic development,SMEs have achieved rapid development through low entry barriers and flexible operations,which have played a significant role in promoting economic and social development.The rapid development of SMEs has a close relationship with the government’s public service support.Establishing and improving a public service system that supports the development of SMEs has become an important topic for academic research in various countries.Compared with Western developed countries and developed regions in China,the development of SMEs in Tibet is affected by the degree of economic development and has its own unique characteristics.The SMEs in Tibet started relatively late.They also have the characteristics of weak foundation,limited registered capital,and lack of technological innovation capabilities.The urgent need for the government to provide a sound public service system to solve the difficulties encountered by SMEs in the development process to meet the market development trend of SMEs to adapt to information technology.This article makes full reference to the relevant literature of the public service system supported by the governments at home and abroad for the development of SMEs.At the same time,it thoroughly analyzes related theories of public services and public policies,and carefully analyzes the relevant theories and organizes the data.The urgent needs of Tibetan SMEs for the construction of the public service system and the current status of the construction of Tibet’s SME public service system have provided the countermeasures and suggestions for the improvement of the SME public service system.This paper is divided into five chapters.The first chapter is mainly about the introduction.The research background,the significance of the research,the research literature at home and abroad are reviewed,and the second chapter is the introduction of related theories and concepts.Chapter 4 mainly discusses the status quo of the construction of the public service system for supporting the development of SMEs in Tibet,including Tibet’s support for small and medium enterprises.The supply of service policies in several aspects of enterprise development,and pointed out the current deficiencies and problems in the construction of public service system for small and medium-sized enterprises in Tibet;the fifth chapter gives further improvement measures and recommendations for the construction of public service system for small and medium-sized enterprises in Tibet.Including perfect goals,next-step development ideas and perfect key tasks.
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