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Research On The Construction Of "double-type" Teachers In Art Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2016-12-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330485459251Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Currently, art colleges in our country has higher demands on teachers’ professional development, both need to have the profound theoretical knowledge and experience to have strong industry practice. For the teachers formed in traditional education mode, although their theoretical knowledge strength is stronger, but lack of understanding to the forefront of the industry information and technology; For teachers from enterprises, although their experience too much, but the lack of research on the law of higher education teaching,. Their teaching ability needs to improve. According to the present situation of teachers in art colleges and, and fully study and the use of "university-enterprise cooperation" and "collaborative training", to form double type teachers, training is an effective measure to solve this dilemma.This article takes our country art colleges and universities as the research object. First of all,the connotation of "double type" teachers are analyzed, and pointed out the "double type" teachers team construction necessity. Combining the questionnaire, the problems that exist in the art colleges and universities in our country and the cause of the in-depth and systematic analysis.Secondly, on the "double type" teachers team construction on the basis of the theoretical basis of teachers’ team construction in colleges and universities of the main methods and basic experience was studied, and analyzed the experience, to strengthen the construction of teachers "double type" teachers’ team construction in particular. On the basis of the above, as the focus of the study and the root cause, put forward countermeasures and Suggestions to strengthen the "double division type" art college teachers team construction, systematically expounds the concrete methods and effective construction measures.
Keywords/Search Tags:art college, "double title" teaching staff, Suggestions for improvement
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