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Junior High School Students' Psychological Capital Research

Posted on:2018-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2357330518469384Subject:Principles of Education
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Along with the rise of the positive psychology,psychology capital gradually attracts the attention of the researchers around the world.Adolescent stage is the critical period of life development,also an important transition from naivety to maturity.Contradictions and conflicts in the psychological process arise from the sharp changes in many aspects such as physiology,education and social environment.This period is compared to strong wind and raging billows by Hall who is called "father of youth psychology".Junior middle school students need the support of good psychology capital in order to acquire positive adaption and good development.In this paper,the main objective is trying to study the psychological capital of junior middle school student in two junior middle schools of urban and rural areas in Yangzhou,then,through read and reviewing related literature and materials about psychological capital of junior middle school student to know the current status of psychological capital of junior middle school student.We study the general status of Yangzhou by using interview method,questionnaire method and documentary method.In this research we choose two schools as research objects to study from 9 aspects of gender,grade,different district,only one child or not,two-parent or one-parent,academic record,get honors and rewards or not,be a student cadre or not and peer relationship.And the study found out some problems in psychological capital of junior middle school student such as:the phenomenon of "Yin flourishes while Yang declines" outstands,higher grade lower psychological capital,the psychological capital of the students from the urban areas is superior to the students from the rural areas,low psychological capital of the students from single-parent families,lower academic record lower psychological capital,low psychological capital of the students who have poor peer relationship,lack of psychological service in school etc.The reasons of the questions mainly include:current cultivation mode and material and evaluation system of junior middle school are more suitable for girls,high stress bring about by examination system increases year by year,educational resources varies between urban and rural areas,incomplete family structure have a detrimental impact on the psychological capital of students,the single mode of evaluation,"significant others" have obvious influence on the students' growth,school do not pay enough attention to the mental health education of students etc.Based on the conclusions of the study and pertinent literature,this paper provide some strategy of promoting the psychological capital which from the aspect of the students themselves,school,family and government.
Keywords/Search Tags:positive psychology, psychological capital of junior middle school student, promoting strategies
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