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A Report On English Long Sentences From The Perspective Of Domestication Theory

Posted on:2019-03-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2405330545454815Subject:English translation
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With the development of globalization,communication of historical cultures among countries is closer.At the same time,translation strengthens the bonds of communication between people of all countries.In order to make readers know Chinese history objectively and comprehensively,the translator chooses to translate the original text China in World History,which is written by Paul Rowe.This book records the history from the origin of the Chinese civilization to the beginning of the 21 th century.The language in the original text is strict and objective,which reflect the author's rigorous thinking and serious attitude on research.This book features long sentences which have complex structures and various forms.It brings so much difficulties to the translation,so the research on English long sentences is the focus in this report.In the process of writing report,the translator uses the method of case analysis to summarize long sentences and analyze the characteristics of long sentences.There are complex sentence patterns and difficult sentences in the original text.If the translation practice does not conform to Chinese expressions,readers cannot understand the original text correctly.Due to the cultural differences between China and the United States,it is not easy to convey what the original tries to express.Based on what mentioned above,the translator applies Lawrence Venuti's theory of domestication to analyze the long sentences in the original text,aiming to know the logic of different sentences and to adopt corresponding translation strategies.According to different sentence structures,the translator tries to adopt corresponding translation strategies such as addition,omission and changing the sentence order to analyze cases.Through this translation practice,the translator not only summarizes the characteristics,categories and translation strategies of long sentences,but also provides references for the translation of long sentences of historical text in the future,making translation much closer to readers.It is helpful for Chinese readers to know Chinese history more objectively and Chinese culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:translation strategies, long sentence translation, domestication theory
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