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A Practice Report On Sentence Reconstruction Chinese-english Consecutive Interpreting From The Perspective Of Communicative Translation Theory

Posted on:2019-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative,there is an unprecedented culture exchange between China and Western world.So the consecutive interpreting has been widely used on many occasions,such as public speech,significant conference,and state banquet and so on.With the continuous study and development of interpreting,many scholars find that sentence reconstruction strategy plays an important role in mitigating the differences in sentence structure between Chinese and English.So far,the study of sentence reconstruction strategy has still been focused on translation scope,while there are still some deficiencies in interpreting scope.This is a practice report of Chinese-English consecutive interpretation which takes the documentary The Vital Southern Silk Road as an example.Under the guidance of communicative translation theory,some important problems related to sentence structure are summarized.The results of case analysis show that: the segmentation and reorganization method can be used to solve the problem of long and loose sentences;active and passive transformation,the reversion of object and subject,the use of “it” as formal subject can be used to cope with sentences with no subject;reversion and comprehensive method can be used to deal with the difference in the word other.It is expected that this report could boost the study of consecutive interpretation in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sentence reconstruction strategy, Communicative Translation Theory, Consecutive interpreting
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