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A Report On The Translation Strategies For Long Sentences In Buddhist Texts

Posted on:2020-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This report is based on the translation practice of the four chapters(Chapter 5 to Chapter 8)of Why Buddhism Is True.The book,published in the United States in 2017,is the work of Robert Wright,an American science author and evolutionary psychologist at Princeton University.Wright himself took part in lots of meditation training and the book was based on his own meditation experience and a large number of experiments related to psychology,aiming to guide readers to re-examine Buddhism from a scientific perspective.Different from many other traditional Buddhist texts,the book doesn't mention all the “supernatural” elements in Buddhism such as six paths of reincarnation and karma,but mainly focuses on the methodology of philosophy and meditation,advocating a secular and westernized Buddhist model.Buddhism is re-examined from the perspective of psychology and science.Ideas of this book are unique and thought-provoking.Wright used plenty of long sentences to express his ideas and thoughts.However,long English sentences,due to their large number of words,complex structures and large amount of information,pose great challenges to translators in full understanding and faithfully and fluently conveying the original information.After making a summary,and analysis of the difficulties and problems in the translation of long sentences,several translation strategies in view of them have been offered correspondingly,hoping the result of this study can be helpful for later translators.This report consists of five chapters.The first chapter is the introduction part,mainly including the task background,task significance and task content.Chapter two,the task process,introduces the three stages of this translation: preparation,translation and proofreading.Chapter three analyzes the difficulties in understanding and expression of long English sentences in translation.The fourth chapter is mainly about the translation strategies in correspondence with the translation difficulties mentioned in the above chapter.Chapter five is a summary,about the translator's experience in the translation process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Buddhist text, Long sentences, Differences in English and Chinese sentence's structures, Translation strategies
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