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Research On Task-based Teaching Of Intermediate Chinese Comprehensive Course Based On HSK Standard Course 3

Posted on:2020-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2415330578476524Subject:Foreign Language Teaching
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Task-based teaching is a method of organizing teaching with tasks as the basic unit.It advocates the teaching concept of "learning by doing " and "learning by using".This This not only avoids the teacher-centered classroom instruction model,but also effectively improves students' comprehensive language skills.Therefore,based on the HSK Standard Course 3,this paper uses the questionnaire method,interview method and practice method to carry out the task-based teaching research of the intermediate Chinese comprehensive course.The full text consists of six chapters:The first chapter mainly discusses the research background,research basis,research significance and research methods of the thesis,The preliminary research of task-based teaching method and HSK Standard Course was reviewed.The second chapter mainly analyzes the feasibility of applying the task-based teaching method to the intermediate Chinese comprehensive course from three aspects:lesson type,teaching material and teaching object.The third chapter is based on HSK Standard Course 3,using mobile phones to assist task-based teaching,and constructs localized task-based teaching process of "task presentation-task preparation-task implementation-language focus".It desig ns and summarizes "classify and list,order and flatten,speculate and guess,reset and question M four types of learning tasks and "sharing personal experiences,com?paring difference,problem solving,investigate,simulate and play" five types of authentic tasks,put forward the specific operation method of task-based teaching evaluation.The fourth chapter mainly discusses how to carry out task-based teaching practice in the intermediate Chinese comprehensive course from four aspects:the demand of teaching objects,the teaching objectives of the semester,the teaching methods and the specific arrangements of the semester teaching,and two teaching cases of "tourism" and"comparison" as an example of the application of task-based teaching is given.The fifth chapter analyzes the evaluation of teaching by the different evaluation subjects,the task results and the evaluation results in the teaching practice of the semester,which shows that the task-based teaching practice of the intermediate Chinese comprehensive course based on the HSK Standard Course 3 is effective.The sixth chapter puts forward suggestions on the task-based teaching of the intermediate Chinese comprehensive course from the four aspects of textbook selection.classroom teaching,teaching evaluation and student role,and summarizes the full text,reflecting on the shortcomings.
Keywords/Search Tags:task-based teaching method, HSK Standard Course 3, feasibility, teaching assumption, teaching practice, teaching evaluation
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