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Translation Strategies For Metaphors In Social Science Texts From The Perspective Of The Functional Equivalence Theory

Posted on:2021-04-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and opening-up,social science research in our country has got quick development.In relation to all aspects of our social construction,the research of social sciences texts plays a significant role in the academic arena.As a hot topic in contemporary social science research,Unnatural Narratology has become a hotspot of western post-classical narratology.A Poetics of Unnatural Narrative,written by ten authors including Brian Richardson and Alice Bell,is a classic social science text.The translation practice is based on Chapter Nine Unnatural Narrative in Hypertext Fiction written by Alice Bell and Chapter Ten The Unnaturalness of Narrative Poetry written by Brian Mc Hale,describing how hypertext links provide a digital environment for unnatural narratology and how unnatural narratology acts on poetry respectively.What is more,this translation practice may provide new ideas for scholars to study unnatural narratology.Based on the translation practice,this report focuses on metaphor translation guided by functional equivalence theory.In traditional rhetoric,metaphor,as a rhetoric device,is used to make the expression more vivid.We know that,British scholar Peter Newmark distinguished metaphors into six types: dead,cliché,stock,adapted,recent and original.In this report,the translator mainly discusses the translation strategies for three major types,including dead metaphor,stock metaphor and original metaphor.Metaphor is largely related to its culture background,so translation should consider the expression of its meanings in the most natural and appropriate target language.Functional equivalence theory holds that the most important thing in translation is to reproduce the semantic information and stylistic features of the source language in the most appropriate,natural and equivalent language.Finally,through case analysis,it is found that Functional Equivalence Theory guides the translation of metaphors in this translation practice.This article comprises five chapters: Chapter one introduces the background and significance of the research,research methods and the layout of this thesis.Chapter Two describes the background,contents and requirements of this translation practice,as well as the translation procedures: preparation before translation,process in translation and proofreading after translation.Chapter Three discusses the theoretical framework and metaphor referring to the origin and principles of functional equivalence theory,the definition and types of metaphor,and the traditional translation methods for metaphors.Chapter Four is case study,in this chapter the translator analyzes translation strategies of metaphors and the guidance of functional equivalence theory to metaphor translation,and then summarizes six translation strategies of metaphor: literal translation,free translation,amplification,replacement,substitution and omission according to cases in the text.In Chapter Five,the translator discusses findings and limitations of this report.
Keywords/Search Tags:Functional equivalence theory, Metaphor, Social science texts, A Poetry of Unnatural Narrative
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