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A Study On The Withdrawal Mechanism Of Leading Cadres

Posted on:2018-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330515998433Subject:Public Management
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The exit mechanism of leading cadres is an important part of the personnel management system,which plays an important role in cadre management and directly affects the flow of talented personnel of the party and government organs.Since the introduction of the civil service management system,the management methods of examination,recruitment,training and communication have been gradually improved,but the cadre withdrawal mechanism is lagging behind and not conforming to the development of the society.The impact of this problem is becoming more and more prominent,restricting the civil service development of.This article discusses how to establish and improve the exit mechanism of leading cadres and maintain the vigorous vitality of cadres.This article mainly uses the theory analysis method,the literature research method and so on the research method carries on the thesis writing.Reference materials and views mainly from the library,network,archives and related books,papers.This paper introduces the research status quo and the related basic theories of the withdrawal of the leading cadres in China,and describes the achievements,problems and deep reasons of the current cadre withdrawal mechanism.Combined with China's current actual situation,put forward the concept of changing the traditional thinking from the solution to the problem of the withdrawal of leading cadres,improve the exit mechanism of the age-type,establish and improve the accountability exit mechanism,smooth voluntary exit mechanism,improve China's leading cadres exit Resettlement work and other forms of withdrawal to further strengthen our cadre withdrawal system construction.At the end of the paper,it summarizes the writing insufficiency of the paper,and also shows the personal view that the exit mechanism of leading cadres will be further improved along with the reform of our political and economic system.
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