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Research On The Selection And Appointment Of College Student Village Official Under The Rural Revitalization Strategy

Posted on:2019-09-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330545962973Subject:Marxist theory
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In his report to 19 th CPC National Congress,General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed that the strategy of rural revitalization should be implemented,and the solution of rural revitalization is the guarantee of talents.In recent years,the CPC Central Committee has vigorously supported college students to work at the grass-roots level in rural areas and encouraged them to enter the ranks of rural grassroots cadres.This work not only broadens the employment opportunity of college students,but also increases the employment posts of college students.It also provides the talents needed for the development of the rural areas.College student village officials not only improve the quality of rural grassroots cadres,but also can contribute to the rural revitalization better.However,from the current work situation of college students' village officials,how to maximize their advantages,so that they can try their best to do in the countryside still need to be considered deeply.Therefore,with the strategy of rural revitalization,it is very important to study the selection and appointment of university students' village officials undoubtedly.This paper is divided into four parts.The first part is the introduction,focusing on the research background and significance of the overview;The second part is related elaboration about plan that appointed the university student as village official and the village rejuvenation strategy,and the main contexts introduce the implementation process of the university student village official's plant the connotation of rural revitalization strategy and the importance of selecting and appointing college students' village officials to rural revitalization;The third part is to elaborate the basic condition of national outstanding college student village official between 2010-2016,then has made the summary and the thorough discussion to the outcome,deficiency and reason of college student village official work;The forth part is about the optimization measures for the selection and appointment of college students' village officials with the strategy of rural revitalization.The selection and appointment of excellent college students as village officials has enriched the ranks of rural grassroots cadres and is one of the keys to the effective implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization.With the strategy of rural revitalization,the section should be more focus on the graduate with the shortage of professional,registered as local rural.More importantly they are able to lead farmers to become rich.This paper hopes that through the study of the selection and appointment of college students' village officials with the strategy of rural revitalization,we can select excellent college students' village officials who will play a greater role in rural revitalization.
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