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Study On The Relationship Among Notaries' Job Satisfaction,Professional Identity And Turnover Intention

Posted on:2019-09-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330548969205Subject:Business management
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With the rapid development of economy and notary system and,a higher request has been made to notarization.As a provider of notarial legal services,the condition of notarial personnel's job satisfaction,career identity,turnover intention directly affects the reform of notarization.Besides,whether the public can obtain high-quality and efficient notarization services also depends on the status of the notary personnel.Therefore,it is of great practical significance to study the current situation and relationship of job satisfaction,professional identity and dimission tendency of notary personnel.At present,the existing researches are mainly focused on the notarization theory and practice in China,as a result there are few researches on notary personnel which is more important.Professional identity is a special state of the individual and his profession,reflecting the degree of fit between them.Many studies have found that occupational cognition has a certain influence on job satisfaction and turnover intention.This paper will discuss the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover intention to enrich the research of notary personnel.Through the review of relevant literature at home and abroad,this paper summarizes some results of previous researchers.Based on that,the notary personnel is regarded as the research group,with job satisfaction and turnover intention as the research content,and professional identity as the variable.What' more,the empirical research model is adopted to integrate career identity,job satisfaction and turnover intention into the same research model in this paper.This paper uses the method of empirical data analysis to discuss the internal logic in the professional identity,job satisfaction and turnover tendency of notary public.Some Suggestions will be put forward for the development of notarization,which enriches the connotation of job satisfaction and turnover tendency.This paper consists of three parts.The first part puts forward the research elements and structure of this paper after elaborating the current research status of job satisfaction,professional identity and dimission tendency;The second part is mainly empirical analysis using the method of questionnaire,which is designed on the basis of the first part.393 questionnaires were collected in this research in total.After that SPSS.21.was used for statistically analyzing results according to these questionnaires,including correlation analysis,regression analysis and the adjustment impact analysis of professional identity;The third part discusses the conclusion of the empirical analysis,and puts forward some effective management suggestions.Through rigorous analysis,this paper draws the following conclusions: The professional identity of notary personnel can directly affect its job satisfaction;The promotion of professional identity can reduce the turnover intention of notary personnel;The job satisfaction of notary staff has a predictive effect on their turnover intention.Professional identity has a moderating effect between job satisfaction and turnover intention.
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