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Research On The Public Service Supply Mechanism In Rural Community From The Perspective Of Equalization

Posted on:2019-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330548971510Subject:Public administration
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The equal supply of public services is the main content and concentrated expression of urban-rural integration,which is of great significance for promoting the integration of urban and rural development and realizing the revitalization of the countryside.Judging from the current situation of the provision of public services,the outstanding problem facing them is the development of non-equalization.Especially in rural areas,the supply of public services cannot meet the growing demand of farmers.The purpose of this paper is to systematically understand the current situation of the equalization of public service provision in rural communities and to deep analyze the problems and causes faced by the equalization of public service supply in rural communities,and on this basis,take long-term mechanism as the entry point to propose policies to promote the equalization of public services in rural communities.This paper systematically analyzes the supply of public services in rural communities in Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,finding that there are still some problems in the provision of equalization of public services in rural communities.The specific performance in the development of urban and rural basic public services is not balanced,there is still a large gap between the development of public security and sanitation services in rural communities,and the government's investment in rural public services is relatively inadequate.From the perspective of the unequalization of public services in rural communities,due to unbalanced regional economic development,inadequate government functions,incomplete rural public service supply systems,and inadequate supporting mechanisms for public service provision,the supply of rural community public services exist" Lack of vitality,lack of quality,lack of stamina " and other issues.In view of the problems existing in the provision of equalization of public services in rural communities,this paper establishes a long-term mechanism and a long-term strategy to promote the long-term and institutionalized provision of public services in rural communities.On the supply side,more emphasis is placed on "co-governance".While optimizing government supply,we must give full play to the synergy of society,and at the same time make every effort to increase the endogenous supply capacity of rural communities,thus providing intrinsic motivation for the provision of public services.In the supply mechanism,a systematic,long-term support mechanism,participation mechanism,incentive mechanism,and evaluation mechanism should be established to promote the equalization of public services.
Keywords/Search Tags:Equalization, Rural Community, Public Service, Supply Mechanism
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