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Research On The Employment Support Of Water Conservancy Immigrants From The Perspective Of Superiority

Posted on:2018-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330566951427Subject:Social work
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Since the implementation of Regulations on land expropriation and relocation compensation in large and medium-scale water and electricity power projects,the employment support of water conservancy immigrants has made great progress in China.But when the author investigated the production and living conditions and social relationship of the immigrants in H town,Tangzhou city,the author found that the employment support of the immigrants was still lacking,for the old social networks have been broken,while the new social relationships have not yet formed,which represents as the immigrants are not important,and have less interaction with the native in H town,and the contact between relatives and friends are blocked and the economic support network are weakening.In employment introduction,vocational skills upgrading and small loans to raise capital,etc,the immigrants face a lack of social relations,and employment support is insufficient,development capability is not strong,etc.Through detailed analysis of the elements of social relations of the immigrants,I found that the deeper roots of lacking in reemployment of immigrants is insufficient employment support policy implementation,and the supportive approach is too single and cannot be matched with the requirements of immigrants.The shortcomings of the employment support policies cannot inspire the potential and significant resources of immigrants.From the perspective of superiority,immigrants have their own ability to employ,and in fact they are in the overall environment with a variety of advantages and resources,this paper try to introduce social workers to fully exert the advantage of immigrants,community resources and government policy resources from the advantage perspective,and set up employment support system which constitutes of social workers,immigrants,community and local government,and guide the local government to carry out the social work intervention experiment.Through case work,the employment consciousness and life confidence of the immigrants will be enhanced,and carry out group work to help the immigrants improve employment skills and establish mutual aid organizations,use community work methods to help the immigrants link resources,increase employment opportunities and lend convenience.On this basis,the author can draw the relevant conclusion that the employment support is insufficient and it is necessary for the social work to intervene,so the author propose to mobilize the forces of government,communities,institutions and immigrants,help the immigrants increase employment support,and enhance development capacity of the immigrants,and look forward to improve reemployment at the same time.
Keywords/Search Tags:immigrants, advantage perspective, social relationship, employment support
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