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Study And Analyse The Construction Of Three Systems Of New Countryside Archives

Posted on:2014-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D DuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330398977662Subject:Archival science
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Since2006, the policy of new countryside construction in the whole country has been carried out for more than seven years, during this time, all the work has got good results. Archives involved in all aspects of the new countryside construction. With the constant development of this construction, all the archives institutions of our country are actively participating into the pilot project of the new countryside archives construction, and they have got good results. At the same time, the archival work in the new countryside is a major project of Chinese archives undertakings, it highlights the ideas, working methods, and effects of archival departments serving agriculture, farmer, and rural area. so the study about archival work also has a certain value.Yang Dongquan, the director of the State Archives Administration of the People’s Republic of China, proposed the construction goal of "three systems" about archives work, which promoted the development of the archives work. However, the archives work in the new countryside is relatively backward, and the construction of "three systems" is not perfect enough. Thus, from this perspective, this paper makes an introduction and research respectively about the construction condition of the three systems in the countryside construction.The first chapter mainly introduces the management pattern, experiences and deficiencies of the archives work in the new countryside, as well as research methods, innovation and deficiencies of this paper. The second chapter researches the three systems of new countryside archives. For the resources system construction part, this paper discusses the situation of the archives resources system construction in the new countryside from the aspects of archives collection, sorting, filing, appraisal and so on. As an important part, the author makes a study about how to confirm the archives collection scopes and how to do the collection. And then, the study about archives utilization system in the new countryside is shown in the part of construction of utilization system, including the discussion on the functions set and implementation approaches of archives utilization system, as well as the situation of the information construction. The last part of the second chapter is the security system construction. In this part, archives work and the problems on how to build the security system is studied. The third chapter, taking an example of the new countryside archives work in Jiyuan, provides some experiences and enlightenments of the archives work construction in the new countryside. The last but not least chapter is a summary of this paper. It summarizes the construction of three systems of new countryside archives from three aspects:who, what, and how.
Keywords/Search Tags:the new countryside archives, resources system of archives, utilizationsystem of archives, security system of archives, three systems’ construction
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