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Empirical Study On The Online Public Service Capability Of Comprehensive Archives Of Region-wide Samples

Posted on:2021-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330611451682Subject:Public information resource management
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Under the background of the national comprehensive promotion of public service level,this article focuses on the way to improve the public service capability of archive website,comprehensively analyzes the construction of comprehensive archives websites of prefecture-level cities or above in Chinese mainland,and puts forward suggestions according to the current situation and existing problems of website construction.Based on the theory of public service supply,archives utilization and the basic theory of e-government website performance evaluation,as well as relevant policy documents,this article uses the Delphi method and the BP neural network to construct an evaluation model that includes three dimensions,which are demand identification,resource opening and service guarantee,and analyzes 229 sample archive websites.The results show that: At present,the penetration rate of the comprehensive archives websites in Chinese mainland is relatively low.The overall construction rate of the websites among 438 respondents is 55.83%,among them,the construction proportion of provincial archives websites is 100%,and that of municipal archives websites is 48.16%.According to the model of this article,the average score of the websites of central archives is 58.88(full mark is 100),the average score of the websites of provincial archives is 58.05(full mark is 100),and that of the municipal archives websites is 47.42(full mark is 100).This shows that the public service capability of these websites is poor,public service supply is not good and there is a big gap between the provincial websites and municipal websites.The problems are as follows:The public demand response capability of the websites is poor,and it performs particularly poorly in APP development,multiform interpretation of policies,online message reply and online survey.The degree of resource opening is very low and the amount of open data needs to be further expanded.The average proportion of open directory of provincial websites is 5.62%,and that of municipal websites is only 1.35%.Service guarantee is still insufficient,the availability of online file checking,online booking and remote file checking function is particularly low.In addition,there are regional and provincial differences in the public service capacity of municipal archives websites.In view of this,the article proposes the following suggestions: Strengthen the overall construction of the website planning and integrated parts of websites.Improve website demand identification capability and enrich public interaction channels.Open more resources and enrich the website archive resources.Improve the capability of service guarantee and the basic functions of the websites.
Keywords/Search Tags:archives public service, archives website evaluation, BP neural network
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