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Study On Exploitation Of Public Security Archives

Posted on:2015-02-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330422470086Subject:Archival science
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Public security archives are not only the true records of the public security history, butalso the combinations of historical experience and practical experience. Furthermore, it playsa significant role in fighting crimes, safeguarding people and maintaining the social stability.The vitality of archives lies in the development and utilization. Only committing to thedevelopment and utilization of public security archives information can we get the real valuefrom the public security archive information.However, from the perspective of exploitation, the information resource of publicsecurity archives is far from being fully developed and utilized. As the precious informationresource, public security archives are of important practical value. Developing and utilizingthe public security archives well not only provides the information support to the publicsecurity organs, but also provides the necessary services to the economic construction andsocial development.Based on the literature review and further researches on Archives Division of TangshanPublic Security Bureau, Hebei Province, this thesis makes a full detailed analysis and pointsout some problems existing in the management and team building of public security archives,the relevant laws and regulations of development and utilization, and informationizationconstruction and so on. Moreover, it also proposes some suggestions to improve thedevelopment and utilization of public security archives which include deepening theunderstanding of public security archives, improving the system of development andutilization of public security archives, strengthening the information construction of publicsecurity archives, opening the public security files reasonably and providing the advancedservices, participating services and tracking services. Last but not least, the thesis discussesseveral relationships that needed be handled to perform the development and utilization ofpublic security archives well, including the relationship between the development andutilization of public security archives and the central work of the public security organs, therelationship between the development and utilization of public security archives and thesecurity work, the relationship between the development and utilization of public securityarchives and exploitation of other files.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public security archives, Development of archives, Utilization of archives
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