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The Employment Problems Research Of Shanxi Province On The Perspective Of Resource-based Economy

Posted on:2015-11-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330488499050Subject:Western economics
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Employment is the basis of livelihood.It is not only related to the sustained and healthy economic development,but also closely related to the social stability and political security.China has a large population.To solve the employment problems is a tough task,and increasing employment has become an important goal of the government to implement macro-control.Shanxi is a typical resource-based province.For a long time,it forms the coal resource development-oriented industrial structure under the guidance of resource endowment advantage and national economic development strategy,and then Shanxi goes to the development path of resource-based economy.Over the years,while Shanxi economic grows,it also suffered some problems,such as the low quality of economic growth,industrial structure stiffness,level quality of industrialization and urbanization,large income disparities and huge employment pressure,the employment situation has been more severe.There are some data to show that Shanxi social practitioner proportions dropped to 65.8%in 2012,and it was 77.1%in 1980.Government has already taken a number of measures to solve it,especially the "the resource-based economy transition of national comprehensive reform pilot area in Shanxi" proposes 56 specific measures to boost the development of Shanxi transformation.It also puts forward some measures to solve the increasingly prominent employment problems,such as increasing employment positions,the full development of small and medium-sized enterprises and non-public economy,improving the public employment service system and others.But we should also clearly recognize that coal resource is a kind of non-renewable resource.With a gradual decrease in the number of resource depletion,the employment problems in Shanxi are still not optimistic.Therefore,it is necessary to explore employment issues from theoretical and practical aspects of the policy on the perspective of resource-based economy in Shanxi.By using the theories of economics,the article constructs the formation mechanism of the employment problems on the perspective of resource-based economy.Then it analyzes the major employment problems existed in Shanxi and the causes of these problems combined with relevant data.Finally it puts forward the countermeasure suggestion to solve the problem of unemployment.The conclusions of this article are as follows:first,as the economic structure of heavy type is difficult to provide enough jobs for people,so Shanxi faced severely with the severe problems of the total labor supply and demand imbalance than non-resource-based provinces.Second,resources department strengthen makes the non-resources sector more difficult to absorb employment and makes the quality of the labor force lower,so Shanxi faced severely with the structural contradiction in employment than non-resource-based provinces.Third,due to the development type of non-renewable coal resources and resource-based economy,it makes economic environment more complicated and more uncertainty.At last,it cause Shanxi face serious risk in the future employment.The innovation of this paper lies in that it initially constructs the formation mechanism of employment issues on resource-based economy and analysis the main employment problems in Shanxi with relevant data by empirical approach.This paper has some significance.First,it has some theoretical guiding significance to explore employment problems on the resource-based economy perspective;second,it has certain realistic significance to solve the employment problems in Shanxi and push the transformation development of resource-based economy;finally,it is a reference to solve employment problems in resource-based regions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Resource-based Economy, Shanxi Employment, Labor Supply and Demand Imbalances, the Structural Contradiction in Employment, Employment Risk
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