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A Study On The Relationship Between Institutional Environment And Social Organization Vitality Of Trade Associations

Posted on:2018-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present,the social governance system of china has entered to a new stage of the modernization.We have the urgent need for industry associations.In such process,the trade associations social organizations would play an very important role.In order to stimulate the vitality of the trade associations social organizations,we must put the construction of institutions for the development of the trade associations social organizations in an very important place.In this study,this paper use two methods to make research,the first is Literature research method,the second is case study method.And this paper combines the two methods.Firstly,this paper defined a series of concepts,such as the the trade associations social organizations,institutional environment and organizational vitality.These concepts are key concepts in this paper.Secondly,in order to accurately analyze the institutional environment,this paper divided institutional environment into macro institutional environment,micro institutional environment and the implementation institutional environment.Then this paper analyzes the characteristics of the three environments respectively.The analysis of the latter two systems is based on the policy texts and iuterviews in Dongguan,Changsha and Guiyang.The article points out that the government's action strategy has created three institutional environments.At the same time,this study takes Dongguan city as an major example to make case research.We analysis the different features of the trade associations social organizations,It mainly refers to the relationship between the trade associations and the the trade associations social organizations of the chamber of Commerce and the local government,the action strategies of trade associations and chambers of Commerce,and the organizational vitality of trade associations and chambers of Commerce.Finally,this study draws these following conclusions:(1)the institutional environment of the trade associations social organizations is shaped by the action of central government and local government,the more positive the action of central government and local government,the better environment for the the trade associations social organizations.(2)the institutional environment determines the vitality of the trade associations social organizations.That means that the better the institutional environment for the the trade associations social organizations,these social organization have more ability to provide more and better services.However,the impact of different levels of institutional environment is different,Generally speaking,the micro institutional environment and institutional environment have greater impact on the vitality of the trade associations social organizations.Thirdly,based on the above conclusions,this study puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions to social organizations and central government and local government from three aspects.Firstly,in the aspect of macro institutional environment,we should establish the basic position of social organization in the "constitution",provide a legal basis for the separation of politics and society,and we should promulgate the National Association of trade associations such as the basic law of the trade associations social organizations.And we should improve 'the existing laws and regulations relating to the association of industry associations,such as the operation of the trade associations social organizations,management requirements.In the aspect of micro institutional environment,the first measurement is to optimize the taxation system,increase financial input the second measurement is to promote the project system to promote development projects.The third measurement is to perfect the training system,hatching,nurturing more institutions.The fourth is measurement to establish the talent system,enhance the occupation expectations.In the aspect of implementation institutional environment,one is to play the enthusiasm of the government,to provide effective help.The two is to strengthen the administrative system reform,earnestly implement the social decoupling policy.The three is to shorten the working process,to ensure the tilnejiness of policy implementation,effectiveness and flexibility.The four is to optimize the allocation of government functions,between government departments to strengthen cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Institutional environment, the trade associations social organizations, Social organization vitality
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