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Professional Sports Women's Social Identity

Posted on:2018-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330518951603Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Social identity refers to the individual to realize his(or her)belongs to a particular social group,at the same time also realize that as members of the group to bring his emotion and value sense.Women's social identity in recent years more and more get the attention of the researchers of sociology,but almost no one this special group of professional sports girl carried out systematic study of social recognition,it is in this paper provides a certain space.Based on the professional sports girl's social identity as the research object,with15 outstanding professional sports to talk to girls.Through the literature material method,interview method,case study method and logic analysis to professional sports girl's social identity to produce a detailed analysis of paths and methods,professional sports girl's social identity construction factors,and carries on the analysis,as a professional sports girls in different stages of learning,life,work to provide reference for rational analysis of the present situation and problems of their own social identity.Research results show that: 1,professional sports girl's features include: social identity as the growth of the age,for the concept of society has changed;2,professional sports girl's social identity building is divided into horizontal and vertical two aspects,the longitudinal and transverse phase crossover network professional sports girls eventually produce social identity.3,professional sports girls think improve social identity strategy is:(1)learn to use the network channel solutions to their social identity problems,using diary,in the form of essays and self-regulation;(2)the updated knowledge system,strengthen the understanding of social identity;(3)realize family,teachers,professional leading,establishing a complete academic,career planning;Strengthen the psychological counseling,learn to use counseling resources,to meet the social identity to reduce state timely seek solution,rather than self digestion;(4)mass communication in bringing social identity in support of public opinion in the process of formation,play an important role,in the face of the negative information in the mass communication,learn to selective shielding.In view of the above conclusion,put forward the corresponding Suggestions: 1,mainly within the individual adjustment,environmental,and social way to improvethe auxiliary,in a sunny one condition,achieve highly educated women identity;2and strengthen their own professional quality,efforts to improve their comprehensive quality,and right view expectations and the actual problem of social identity and social identity,learn self-regulation;Put into social practice actively,reasonably view and evaluate themselves,harmony with the environment to form the whole;Comprehensive view of gender issues,understanding gender advantages;3,before the children did not form a complete social identity,relative to the correct guidance,and respect the choice of professional opinions,make its produce self-affirmation;Increased 4,strengthen the high school stage of psychological counseling,psychological counseling,psychological preparation for entering the university in the initial stage of learning;5,using lectures,topics,lectures,online BBS,writing promotional materials and so on way to introduce typical outstanding professional sports girl university study stage cases;6 professional sports girl's professional knowledge,understand the stages of confused and uneasy,all grades of ideological education work;7,the talents cultivation target and the present demand for docking,guide students to establish correct learning objectives.
Keywords/Search Tags:Physical education majors, Social identity, Learning perio, Influence factor
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