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The Study About The Relationship Between Senior School Students' Physical Exercise Behaviors And Psychological Capital

Posted on:2017-09-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Psychological capital is an individual positive inner psychological state,it is another capital advantage after the economic,human resource and social resource.In this fast pace of modern society life,most people generally feel anxious.High school students,carrying the flag of the entrance exam of university,studying and doing hard work day and night.Thus their mental health status should not be ignored,it is of great benefit and important significance for the high school students' study life and daily life of having a higher psychological capital.Owning a healthy body is the greatest capital of every one of us,how to let high school students who are fighting in the battle of time and sea tactical issues keep a good balance and create a “best formula” between the body health,metal health and academic career is of great significance.Through the existing literature material and archives,it is showing that the research in such area like how the physical exercise behavior affect the psychological capital is scarce.Moreover,the research is not focus on the high school students which further proved that this research which is aiming at the high school students is of great significance.The respondents of this study is target at three high schools in Wuhan and Xianning city,using the documentary method,investigation method in order to conduct a comprehensive data collection,statistical analyzing by using the SPSS 19.0 software,compiling the questionnaire of how to exercise the high school students' psychological capital,also this questionnaire's validity and reliability has reached the standard of the measurement of psychological.Then,through the questionnaire method I investigated 844 high school students' physical exercise behavior and psychological capital levels,meanwhile I therefore discuss the relations between the former two factors,the results showed that: 1.High school students exercise psychological capital is made up of four elements which are self-confidence,gratitude,optimism and hope,all the questionnaire in this compilation of high school students' exercise psychological capital is of good reliability and validity in accordance with the standard of psychometrics.2.High school students varies in terms of the number of times of exercise per week,time of exercise,intensity of exercise and the stages of exercise because of the difference in gender,grade and the location of school.3.There are also obvious differences in gender when talking about the psychological confidence and the total psychological capital;gratitude and the total scale have varies in terms of the grade;self confidence,gratitude and hope also distinct from each other on the part of the school's location.4.High school students exercise times per week,exercise time of each time of exercise,exercise intensity,exercise stages and the psychological capital has moderate correlation with the total volume table and are significant.5.High school students' exercise intensity,exercise stages,exercise time of each time of exercise,exercise number of time per week and the psychological capital total volume table has the anticipating effect;Exercise stages,exercise number of time per week has predicting effect of gratitude;Exercise stages,exercise time of each time of exercise,exercise number of time per week has predicting effect of optimistic;Exercise stages has the anticipating effect of hope.
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