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A Model Study On The Relationship Between Psychological Needs Satisfaction And Physical Training Behavior Of High School Students

Posted on:2019-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306734980929Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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The theory of basic psychological needs is a theory proposed by American psychologists Deci and Ryan and others under the framework of self-determination theory.They believe that human beings have three basic psychological needs:competence,autonomy,and interpersonal relationships.Diversity refers to the pursuit and experiences of various activities,behaviors and opportunities in one's social surroundings.People such as Benjamin and Martin combined basic needs satisfaction with diversity to satisfy the psychological needs of physical training,and used exercise behavior adjustment as an intermediary variable to construct an exercise behavior prediction model to examine the predictive value of each variable to exercise behavior.This study attempts to test the adaptation level of the foreign model in physical training situation in China.For the model does not have a high interpretation power for exercise behavior,this study further examines the changes in the interpretation power of the entire model to exercise behavior after adding the role identity variable.The main conclusions are as follows:1)Psychological needs satisfaction of physical training is composed of four factors:diversity,competence,autonomy and interpersonal relationships.They have good distinction,construct validity and reliability;2)Gender,only child,physical training population,programmes and methods along with grades and dwelling place have a sigificant iupact on some aspects of the psychological needs of high school students.All these elements also have a profound impact on the amount of physical training and rote idenments also have a profound impact on the amount of physical training and rote identity of high school students.Gender and physical training population have a significant impact on the relative autonomy index of these students.In contrast,factors including only child,grade,dwelling place,physical training programmes and methods have no substantial impact upon it;3)The relative autonomy index of physical partially mediated the inpact physical training psychological needs exert on exercise behavior.Originally,the entire model has an interpretation power of 23% to exercise behavior.By contrast,the interpretation power of the model was increased by 7% after adding rote identity as an intermediate variable.
Keywords/Search Tags:Basic psychological needs of physical training, Diversity, Role identity, Physical training adjustment, Physical training behavior, High school student
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