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Analysis Of The Influence Of Population Dividend On Economic Growth In Henan Province(1987-2016)

Posted on:2019-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the past 30 years,China has experienced the rapid economic growth brought about by the demographic dividend.The realization of demographic dividend is closely related to the age structure of the population.Different types of population age structure also have great differences in the role of economic development.The number of working-age people in society and their proportion in the total population represent the amount of labor that can be put into production in society and the size of the burden of social support.This has a crucial role to play in economic development.At the same time,people of different age groups have different consumption and saving habits due to reasons such as consumption concept,consumption habits,and income level,resulting in changes in consumption and savings levels;in addition,no matter who,family or government,the age structure for the population After the change has been expected,based on the child and old-age support expenses,etc.,consumption and savings will be adjusted accordingly.Changes in the levels of consumption and savings directly affect the changes and accumulation of social capital,which in turn have a certain degree of impact on the economy.But the demographic dividend will not continue.In recent years,China's birth rate has continued to decline,the proportion of working-age population has continued to decline,and the dependency ratio has continued to increase.As a result,China's aging population continues to deepen.The demographic dividend is gradually diminishing with the natural transformation of the population's age structure,and will eventually disappear in the future.Henan Province,as a country with a large population,has undergone a period of demographic transition in which demographic dividends have declined as the demographic dividend has peaked.The huge population base determines that Henan Province has abundant labor resources.However,as a large agricultural province,Henan Province's economic development is relatively backward,and its ability to absorb labor is limited,resulting in Henan Province becoming one of the country's largest labor export provinces.At the same time,Henan Province is undergoing a crucial period of industrial transformation and is very similar to China's development.Therefore,the study of changes in demographic dividend caused by changes in the age structure of the population has revealed the intrinsic link between demographic dividends and economic growth,and has resolved the process of demographic dividends.The existing problems have very important implications.Of course,there is extremely valuable value in maintaining the ever-increasing rapid economic growth for solving the increasingly severe problem of aging.This article is based on the relevant theories of the demographic dividend,the development and change of population age structure,and economic growth.Taking Henan Province as the main research object,combined with the actual situation in Henan Province,the data were collated and analyzed through the development of Henan's population and the age structure of the population.Later,according to international standards,whether Henan Province is still in the period of population bonus is defined.After detailed analysis of the current population and economic conditions in Henan Province,it is found that Henan Province is still in a demographic dividend period,and the population dividend period can continue in the next 15 to 20 years.In view of the long-term dynamic relationship between demographic dividend and economic growth,this paper first analyzes and explains the mechanism by which the demographic dividend affects economic growth.The demographic dividend is determined by the age structure of the population.Changes in the age structure of the population make it possible to change the amount of labor,saving rates,consumption levels,and labor force allocation that the society provides.This has an impact on economic growth.This is also the demographic dividend for the economy.The mechanism of the influence of growth.Finally,according to the results of empirical analysis,this paper gives the corresponding policy recommendations.In order to maximize the demographic dividend of Henan Province and reduce the spillover phenomenon of the demographic dividend,this paper improves the adjustment mechanism of the labor market,increases investment in education,develops the elderly and resources for flexible employment,improves the employment environment,accelerates urbanization,and improves social pensions.The safeguard system and other aspects give suggestions.It is hoped that in the current period of strategic transformation,Henan Province will be able to use its own advantages in labor resources to maximize its demographic dividend and achieve full employment.It will also eliminate labor transfer barriers and optimize the allocation of labor resources.At the same time,it will strengthen the accumulation of human capital for the demographic dividend.The extension of the period and the economic growth of the future population debt stage provide a powerful driving force.At the same time,a more complete pension security mechanism will be constructed to better respond to the aging society that will finally come.
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