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Research On Coordinated Development Of Industrial Structure And Employment Structure In Yanbian Region

Posted on:2019-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330545961501Subject:Chinese Minority economy
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Stable economic development and full employment are the macroeconomic goals pursued by most countries and regions in the world.The backward social and economic development or the high unemployment rate will bring a lot of negative effects to the individual or the country.The slowing down of the speed of economic development directly reduces the overall national strength of the country,and will gradually lose its advantage in the competition with other countries in the world,and the global economic status is affected.For every family,the problem of unemployment caused by slow economic development will directly impact the income of most families and reduce the quality of life;for the society or the country,unemployment affects the quality of life,which may lead to social instability,the normal order can not be maintained and can not be developed forward.The economic development promotes employment and the personnel continue to participate in the social work,which will further accelerate the economic development.Both of them complement each other,and the matching degree of the two will also counter the development of both.The better the coordination is,the better the economic development and the reduction of the unemployment rate,and vice versa.This shows that industry and employment are two separate and interrelated two aspects,and the good operation of the economy should solve the two problems of the development of the industry and the allocation of employment.In recent years,the economic operation of Yanbian is still in good condition,but there are some obstacles.The process of industrial structure to advanced is more rapid.However,the adjustment of employment structure is lagging behind the change of industrial structure.The structural deviation of the three industry is gradually increasing,which hinders the freedom of labor between various industries to a certain extent.Flow.Therefore,it is of great significance to the economic development of Yanbian to change this incongruous situation,deal with the relationship between industry and employment,and make the industrial structure and employment structure develop to a higher level.This paper first gives an introduction to the theoretical aspects of industrial structure and employment structure,and explains the definitions and influencing factors of the two,and expounds the industry,based on the first Clark theorem,the Kuznets industrial structure theory,the international standard structure of Clark,and the Lewis Fisher model.The law of the evolution of structure and employment structure and the interaction between the two.Secondly,a comparative static analysis of the evolution of Yanbian's industrial structure and employment structure is made to summarize their respective characteristics and development status.Thirdly,with the data of 1978-2016 years as the sample,this paper makes an empirical analysis on the coordination relationship between industrial structure and employment structure in Yanbian by using correlation coefficient,employment elasticity analysis,structural deviation and coordination coefficient,and draws the following conclusions:the coordination between industrial structure and employment structure in Yanbian area needs to be improved.Specifically,the surplus labor force of the first industry in Yanbian is too much;the ratio of the output value of the second industry is too high,but the employment labor is insufficient.The "extrusion" effect of the heavy industry is obvious and the degree of departure is the greatest;the development of the third industry is lack of power and the ability to absorb employment is limited.In the end,this article aims at how to promote the coordinated development of the relationship between the industrial structure and the employment structure of Yanbian,and puts forward the industrial policies and measures from the development of modern agriculture,the optimization of the internal structure of the second industry and the development of the third industry in three aspects,and from the overall planning of the urban and rural labor market,the training of vocational education and the improvement of social security.The three aspects of the system put forward feasible suggestions for employment level.
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