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A Study On The Relationship Among Physical Exercise,Subjective Exercise Experience And Resilience Of College Students

Posted on:2019-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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College students are the new hope for the future construction and development of our country.Their development prospects determine the future development trend of our country.It is an important research topic how to ensure them to take less detours in the course of their growth.These include how to ensure their mental health as they grow up.China's rapid economic growth has put many pressures on the younger generation,causing behavioral problems among children and increasing psychological and behavioral problems among adolescents.In the face of many pressures in today's society,college students must have the ability to withstand pressure,overcome difficulties and adjust their mentality in time.For a long time,people focus on students' academic and employment status,but often ignore their mental health.We should pay more attention to how college students deal with these social pressures.Some studies have shown that physical exercise is one of the factors that affect mental health.Subjective exercise experience is a subjective experience that reflects people's physical and psychological stimulation through physical exercise,including positive emotional state.Negative emotional state and subjective physical consumption,psychological elasticity is a positive psychological quality that can help individuals buffer or resist the negative effects of stress,crisis or trauma conditions,and promote good adaptation and healthy growth.There is no clear research result in the past studies,which is the problem to be solved in this study,whether there is any influence on the resilience of psychology,the relationship among the three,and whether the professional difference will have an impact on them.In this study,600 students of Guangxi Normal University were investigated by using physical activity rating scale,subjective exercise experience scale and psychological elasticity scale as measuring tools,and physical exercise was conducted with spss20.0 software.Subjective exercise experience and psychological resilience,from gender,only child,family source,grade and other demographic variables and exercise items,professional differences,to explore physical exercise,The internal relationship between subjective exercise experience and psychological elasticity.The result shows that 1:1.The college students' participation in physical exercise in this survey is similar to that of the sports population.There is a certain gap between the criteria,which still need to be improved.2.There are significant differences in subjective exercise experience and mental resilience among students of Guangxi Normal University in different gender,different family sources and different grade variables.The positive well-being of male students is higher than that of female students,the third grade is the highest;the psychological vexation of female students is higher than that of male students,and the degree of mental annoyance in senior grade is the highest;The overall resilience of boys is higher than that of girls,toughness,strength is the highest in grade 3,optimism in grade 4 is the highest.3.There is a clear relationship between subjective exercise experience and psychological flexibility of sports and non-sports majors.The positive well-being and psychological elasticity of physical education majors are higher than that of non-sports majors,and there has significant differences;the students of non-sports majors have higher degree of psychological distress and fatigue than sports majors.4.There is a significant correlation among physical exercise,subjective exercise experience and mental resilience.There was a significant positive correlation between physical exercise and positive well-being,between physical exercise and mental resilience,between positive well-being and mental resilience,and between physical exercise and mental distress and fatigue.There is a significant negative correlation between mental distress and fatigue and resilience.Physical exercise and subjective exercise experience on psychological elasticity It has a predictive effect.Among them,physical exercise,positive well-being and psychological vexation are positive predictors of psychological elasticity,and fatigue prediction of psychological elasticity is negative.6.Maintaining moderate intensity of exercise 3 to 5 times a week for more than 30 minutes is beneficial to positive well-being and mental resilience.Based on the above research results,the following suggestions are put forward:1.For the obvious deficiency of college students in physical exercise,we should formulate corresponding policies and mechanisms to encourage and supervise college students to participate in physical exercise,and create a lively atmosphere of physical exercise on campus.The school should carry on the general survey to the psychological flexibility,the target,should give the attention to the lower resilience student.3.Psychological teachers in colleges and universities should unite with PE teachers to popularize the knowledge of physical exercise so that students can learn how to participate in physical exercise and how to carry out physical exercise scientifically in order to achieve the purpose of fitness and healthy mind.
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